The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 3

Allen, Thomas


List of the parishes and churches in London, with their incumbents, &c.

List of the parishes and churches in London, with their incumbents, &c.


It has been desirable to prefix to the topographical description of the several wards of this city, the lists which are subjoined, giving at view, and in a condensed form, the aggregate of information which the author has at different times spent many hours to acquire, having been hitherto only found, after considerable research, scattered over various parts of the works wherein it has been necessarily sought.

Concerning the , no remarks seem requisite; their respective titles sufficiently indicate their nature, and their utility will be obvious; it will suffice to say, that they have been formed with a strict attention to accuracy.

Respecting the , it will be observed, wherever a living is stated to be in private hands, it has been deemed prudent merely to say

Lay Patron,

a mode considered preferable to stating the last presentee; for as this is a species of property frequently transferred, it has been judged better to give no direct information than such as would probably be incorrect before it was put to press.

The name of the present incumbent, in cases where united parishes are held, has been invariably placed against the parish by the patron whereof he was presented; so that it will thence appear who possesses the next presentation, a circumstance which may prove important to some inquirers.

List No.1: The Wards into which the city of London is divided, alphabetically arranged; and also the names of the several churches now situate therein, as also of such as were destroyed by the great fire1666, and not rebuilt, but subsequently joined to adjacent parishes, accurately stated; as well as the names of the parishes to which they have been respectively united, and the wards wherein they are situate.
Churches remaining, or rebuilt.Churches burnt, and not rebuilt.United to
Anne, St. withinJohn Zachary, St.Anne, St.
Aldersgate.Leonard, St., Foster-laneChrist-church, (Farringdon within)
Botolph, St. without  
Aldersgate.Mary, St. StainingMichael, St. Woodst. (Crip. within.)
 Olave, St., Silverstreet.Alban, St. (Cripplegate within.)
*Andrew, St. Undershaft.  
*James, St. Duke's place.  
*Katherine, St. Coleman  
*Katherine, St. Cree  
Michael, St. Bassishaw  
George, St., Botolph-laneAndrew, St.HubbardMary, St. at Hill
Margaret, St., PattensBotolph, St.Billingsg.George, St.Botolph-l.
Mary, St., at Hill  
*Botolph, St., without Bishopsgate  
*Ethelburga, St.  
*Helen, St.  
Bread Street.
Allhallows, Bread-st.John, St. EvangelistAllhallows, Bread-st.
Mildred, St. BreadstreetMargaret, St. MosesMildred, St. Bread-st.
Benet, St. GracechurchLeonard, St.Eastcp.Benet, St. Gracech.
Magnus, St. the MartyrMargaret, St. Fish-street-hillMagnus, St.
Broad Street.
*Allhallows, London-wall  
Bartholomew, St., by the Exchange  
Benet, St. Fink  
Christopher, St., le StockThe church of St. Christopher-le-Stock was pulled down in 1782, for the enlargement of the Bank of England. The site of the church is now the office wherein dividend warrants are paid, in the south-west corner of the Bank-yard, within the principal entrance--the church-yard, a garden--and the parish united to St. Margaret, Lothbury.  
*Martin, St., Outwich  
*Peter, St., le Poor  
Clement, St., East-cheapLawrence, St. Pountney.Mary, St. Abchurch
Mary, St., AbchurchMartin, St. OrgersClement, St. Eastcheap
Michael, St., Crooked-lane  
Castle Baynard.
Andrew, St., by the WardrobeFaith, St.Augustin, St. Farringdon within
Benet, St., Paul'sGregory, St. WharfMary Magdalene, St. Old Fish-street
Mary Magdalene, St. Old Fish-street  
Lawrence, St., JewryAllhallows, Honey-laneMary, St. le Bow, Cordwainer
Mildred, St., the VirginBenet, St. ShorehogStephen, St.Wallbk.
 Martin, St. PomeryOlave, St. Old Jewry, Coleman-street
 Mary, St. ColechurchMildred, St. Poultry
 Pancras, St. SoparsMary, St. le Bow, Cordwainer
Coleman street.
Margaret, St., Lothbury  
Olave, St. Old Jewry  
Stephen, St. Coleman street  
Antholin, St.  
Mary, St., Aldermary  
Mary, St. le Bow  
Michael, St. Cornhill  
Peter, St. Cornhill  
Cripplegate Within.
Alban, St. Wood-st.Mary Magdalen, St. Milk-streetLawrence, St. Jewry, Cheap
*Alphage, St. London wall  
Mary, St. Aldermanbury  
Michael, St.Wood-st.  
Cripplegate Without.
*Giles, St. without Cripplegate  
Allhallows the GreatAllhallows the LessAllhallows the Great
Farringdon Within.
Augustin, St.Anne, St. BlackfriarsAndrew, St. by the Wardrobe, Castle-baynard
Christ church  
Martin, St. Ludgate  
Matthew, St. Friday-streetMichael, St.le Querne,Vedast, St. Foster-I.
 Peter, St. CheapMatthew, St. Friday-street
Vedast, St.Foster-lane  
Farringdon Without.
*Andrew, St. Holborn  
*Bartholomew, St. the Great  
*Bartholomew, St. the Less  
Bride, alias Bridget, St  
*Dunstan, St. in the West  
*Sepulchre, St.  
Allhallows, Lombard-streetGabriel, St.Fenchurch streetMargaret, St. Pattens, Billingsgate
*Allhallows, SteyningNicholas, St. AcornEdward, St. the King
Dionis, St Back church  
Edmund, St. the King  
Mary, St. Woolnoth  
*Botolph, St. without Aldgate  
Mary, St. SomersetMary, St. MounthawMary, St. Somerset
Michael, St. Queen-hitheNicholas, St. OlaveNicholas, St. Cole-abbey
Nicholas, St. Cole-abbeyPeter, St.Paul's-wharfBenet, St. Paul's-wharf, Castlebaynard
 Trinity, HolyMichael, St. Queen-hithe
*Allhallows, Barking  
Dunstan, St. in the EastThe church of St. Dunstan in the East has been recently re-built, with the exception of the tower and spire, erected by sir Christopher Wren; it was opened for divine worship Jan. 1821.  
*Olave, St. Hart-st.  
James, St. Garlick-hillMartin, St. VintryMichael, St. Royal
Michael, St. RoyalThomas, St. ApostleMary, St. Aldermary, Cordwainer
Stephen, St. WallbrookJohn, St. upon WallbrookAntholin, St. Cordwainer
Swithin, St. London-stoneMary, St. BothawSwithin, St. London-stone
 Mary, St. Wool-church-hawMary, St. Woolnoth, Langbourne

The churches in the above list, distinguished by an asterisk, are such as were destroyed in , amounting in number to ; of which have been since re-built, as under:--

St. Andrew, HolbornA. D. 1687
St. Botolph, Bishopsgate1727
St. Katherine, Coleman1734
St. Botolph, Aldgate1744
Allhallows, London Wall1767
St. Alphage1777
St. Botolph, Aldersgate1791
St. Peter-le-Poor1792
St. Martin Outwich1798

From the above list it will appear, that the number of churches remaining and re-built amount to,

Within the Walls 61
Without the Walls 10
The number of churches burnt, and not rebuilt,
all within the Walls 35
St. Christopher's, since destroyed 1
Making a total of 107
The number of churches in the city and its suburbs at the period of the great fire in .
List, No.2: Describing the site of those churches burnt in1666, and not rebuilt.
ALLHALLOWS, the LessChurchyard south side of Thames-street, nearly opposite Little-bush-lane.
ALLHALLOWS, Honey-laneNow part of Honey-lane market, towards the south-east--of the alley communicating with Cheapside, formerly called Honey-lane.
ANDREW, ST. HolbardCorner of Love-lane, Eastcheap, now occupied by a meeting-house.
ANNE, ST. BlackfriarsChurchyard, east side Church-entry, Shoemaker-row, Broad-way, Blackfriars.
BENET, ST. SherehogChurchyard north side of Bucklersbury.
BOTOLPH, ST. BillingsgateNow partly laid into Botolph wharf, in Lower Thames-street, and the remainder covered by warehouses nearly opposite Botolph-lane.
FAITH, STUnder south-east corner of St. Paul's cathedral.
GABRIEL, ST. FenchurchIn the highway, Fenchurch-street, nearly opposite Cullum-street.
GREGORY, ST. by St. Paul'sSouth of west end of St. Paul's cathedral.
JOHN, ST. ZacharyChurchyard opposite St. Anne's-lane, east side of Noble-street.
JOHN, ST. EvangelistChurchyard, east side Friday-street, corner of Watling-street.
JOHN, ST. Baptist, upon Walbrook.Churchyard Dowgate-hill, north-east corner of Cloak-lane.
LAURENCE, ST. PountneyChurchyard, east side Laurence Pountney-hill.
LEONARD, ST. EastcheapChurchyard, east side Fish-street-hill.
LEONARD, ST. Foster-laneFormerly church-yard west side of Foster-lane, now covered by new General Post-office.
MARGARET, ST. MOSESChurchyard, south-west corner of Passing alley, now called Little Friday-street.
MARGARET, ST. Fish-st. hillNow part of Monument-yard.
MARTIN, ST. ORGERSChurchyard east side St. Martin's-lane, Cannon-street.
MARTIN, ST. PomeryChurchyard Ironmonger-lane, west end of Church of St. Olave, Old Jewry.
MARTIN, ST. VintryChurch-yard north side Upper-Thames-street, between College-hill and Queen-street
MARY, ST. BothawChurchyard, east side of Turnwheel-lane.
MARY, ST. ColdchurchBetween Poultry and Frederick-place, west side of Old Jewry, covered by houses.
MARY MAGDALEN, ST. Milk-street.West side, towards north corner of Honey-lane-market.
MARY, ST. MounthawChurchyard east side Labour-in-vain hill, now Old Fish-street-hill.
MARY, ST. StainingChurchyard between Wood-street and Noble-street, behind Coach-makers'-hall.
MARY, ST. Wool-churchCovered by the Mansion-house. Haw.
MICHAEL LE QUERNE, ST.In the highway, east end of Pater-noster-row.
NICHOLAS ACON, STChurchyard, west sideof Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street.
NICHOLAS, ST. OLAVEChurchyard, west side of Bread-street hill.
OLAVE, ST. Silver-streetChurchyard south-west corner of Silver-street, joining Noble-st.
PANCRAS, ST. SoparsChurchyard north side Pancras-lane, Queen-street.
PETER, ST. CheapChurchyard, south-west corner of Wood-street, near Cheapside.
PETER, ST. Paul's WharfChurchyard, north-east corner of St. Peter's-hill, Upper Thames-street.
THOMAS ST. APOSTLEChurchyard north-west corner of Cloak-lane, in Queen-street.
TRINITY, HOLYChurchyard adjoining Lutheran church, Great St. Thomas Apostle, and said Lutheran church erected on the site of the ancient edifice.
List No.3: The Ecclesiastical Livings in the City of London, and its suburbs, the Patrons, and present Incumbents.
*** V. stands for Vicar, R. for Rector, C. for Curate, and P. C. for Perptual Curate. The figures immediately following, signify the time of Presentation.
Alban, St.Wood-st.Dean&Ch.of St Paul'sE. I. Beckwith, M.A. R. 1800
AllhallowsBarkingArchb. of CanterburyS. I. Knight, D.D. V. 1783
 Bread-streetArchb. of CanterburyIncumbent of St. John, Evangelist, R.
 The GreatArchb. of CanterburyW. St. A. Vincent, M.A. R. 1801
 Honey-laneGrocers CompanyIncumbent St. Mary le Bow
 The LessLay PatronIncumbent Allhallows the Great
 Lombard-st.Dn. & Ch. CanterburyWaller Brown, R. 1816
 SteyningGrocers CompanyLancelot Sharpe, M.A.P. C. 1810
 London-wallThe KingRobert Nares, M.A. R. 1817
Alphage, St.London WallBishop of LondonRobert Watts, M.A. R. 1799
Andrew St.HubbardLay PatronIncumb. St. Mary at Hill, R.
 UndershaftBishop of LondonWilliam Antrobus, M.A. R. 1794
 by the WardrobeThe KingIncumbent St. Anne, Blackfriars, R.
Anne, St.within AldersgateBishop of LondonIncumbent St. John, Zachary, R.
 BlackfriarsParishIsaac Saunders, M.A. R. 1816
Antholin, St. Dean & Ch.of St Paul'sJohn Gordon, M.A. R. 1827
Augustine, St. DittoJ. W. Vivian, D.D. R. 1821
Barthol. St.ExchangeThe KingG. Shepherd, D.D. R. 1807
Benet, St.FinkDean &Ch of WindsorC. R. Ashfield, M.A. P. C. 1818
 Gracechurch-st.Dn. & Ch. CanterburyGeorge Gaskin,Presented by the then bishop of London, by lapse. D.D. R. 1791
 Paul's WharfDean & Ch of St Paul'sHenry Ducane, M.A. R. 1824
 SherehogThe KingIncumb. St. Stephen Walbrook
Botolph, St.BillingsgateDean & Ch of St Paul'sIncumb. St. George Botolph-la.
Christ Church Governors of St. Barthol. HospitalSam. Crowther, M.A. V. 1800
Christop. St.Le StockBishop of LondonIncumbent St. Margaret. Lothbury, R.
Clement, St.EastcheapDittoW. Johnson, M.A. R. 1820
Dionis, St.Back Ch.Dean & Ch.of WindsorH. L. Hobart, D.D. R. 1815
Dunstan. the EastArchb. of CanterburyRobt. Heskett, M.A. R. 1817
Edmund, St.the KingDittoIncumbent St. Nicholas, Acons, R.
Ethelburga, St. Bishop of LondonWm. Parker, M.A. R. 1807
Faith, St. Dean & Ch. of St.Paul'sIncumbent St. Augustine, R.
Gabriel, St. Fench. st. The KingChas. Pheleps, M.A. R. 1792
George, St.Botolph-la.DittoChas. Champnes. M.A. R. 1825
Gregory, St. Dean & Ch. of St. Paul'sR. H Barham, M.A. R. 1824
Helen, St. Lay PatronJas. Blenkarne. M.A. V. 1799
James, St.Dukes-pl.Lord Mayor & Aldermen of LondonRich. Povah, D.D. P. C. 1823
Garlick-hill Bishop of LondonArchdn. Goddard, R. 1821
John, St. Baptist-upon-Wallbrook The KingIncumbent of St. Antholin, R.
John, St. EvangelistBread-st.Dean & Ch. of Cantb.G.T. Andrews, M.A. R. 1819
John, St.ZacharyDean & Ch. of St. Paul'sJohn Hutchins, M.A.
Katherine, St.ColemanBishop of LondonThos. Home, B.D. R. 1812
 CreeMag. College, Camb.George Hodson, M.A. P. C. 1814
Lawrence. St.JewryBaliol College, Oxford.Allatson Burgh, M.D. V. 1815
 PountneyCorpus Christi College, OxfordIncumbent St Mary, Abchurch P. C.
Leonard, St.EastcheapDean & Ch. of Cantb.Incumbent St. Benet, Grace-church R. 1815
 Foster-laneDean & Ch. of Wesmr.Incumbent of Christ Church, R.
Magnus, St.Lond-br.Bishop of LondonThomas Leigh, M.A. R. 1808
Marg. St.LothburyThe KingJ. B. Hollingworth, D.D., R. 1814
 MosesDittoG. T. Ackland, M.A. R. 1818
  Bishop of LondonIncumbent of St. Magnus, R.
 PattensCourt of Common Council of LondonIncumbent of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch street, R.
Martin, St.Ironmg-la.The KingR. Hamilton, D.D. R. 1796
 within LudgateBishop of LondonJ. B. Bingham, M.A. R. 1819
 OrgarsDean & Ch. of St. Paul'sIncumbent of St. Clement, East-cheap, R.
 OutwichMerchant Taylors' CompanyJ. I. Ellis, M.A. 1.1821
Martin, St.VintryBp. of WorcesterG. F. L Nicolay, M. A. R. 1790
Mary, St.AbchurchCorpus Christi college, OxfordJ. W. Bellamy, D.D. R. 1816
 AldermanburyParishJ. T. Salusbury, M. A. R. 1803
 AldermaryArchbp. of Canterb.Incumbent of St. Thomas Apostle, R.
 le-BowDittoAnthony Hamilton.M.A. R. 1820
 BothawDittoIncumbent of St. Swithin, R.
 Colechurch Mercers' companyIncumbent of St. Mildred, Poultry, R.
 at-HillParishW. J. Rodber, M.A. R. 1825
 Magd. Milk. st.Dean and Chapter of St. PaulsIncumbent St. Laurence, Jewry, R. 1825
 Old Fish-st.DittoIncumbent of St. Gregory, R.
 MounthawBishop of HerefordIncumbent of St. Mary, Somerset, R.
 SomersetLay PatronJ. S. Sergrove, M. A. R. 1823
 StainingThe KingIncumbent of St. Michael, Wood street, R.
 Woolchu-HawLay PatronIncumb.of St. Mary Woolnoth, R.
 WoolnothThe KingSamuel Birch, M. A. R. 1808
Matthew, St.Friday-stBishop of LondonIncumbent of St. Peter, Cheap, R.
Michael, St.BassishawDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sChristopher Packe, M. A. R. 1821
 CornhillDrapers' CompanyT. R. Wrench, M. A. R. 1793
 Crooked-laneArchbp. of Canterb.W. W. Dakins, D. D. R. 1816
 QueenhitheDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sThomas L. Strong, M.A. R. 1824
 le-QuerneDittoT.T. Walmsley, D. D. R. 1815
 RoyalArchbp. of Canterb.Incumbent of St. Martin, Vintry, R.
 Wood-streetParishJ. A. Busfeild, D.D. R. 1821
Mildred, St.Bread-stLay PatronIncumbent of St. Margaret Moses, R.
 PoultryThe KingRichard Crawley, M. A. R. 1807
Nicholas, St.AconsDittoRichard London, M. A. R. 1811
 Cole AbbeyDittoJ. Mitchell, M. A. R. 1817
St. OlaveDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sIncumbent of St Nicholas Cole Abbey, R. 
Olave, St.Hart-streetTrustee for ParishHenry B. Owen, D. D. R. 1794
 Old JewryThe KingIncumbent of St. Martin Pomery, V.
 Silver-streetEton CollegeIncumbent of St. Alban, Wood street, R.
Pancras, St.SoparArchbp. of Canterb.Incumbent of St. Mary-le-Bow, R.
Peter, St.CheapLay PatronG. A. Hatch, M. A. R. 1791
 CornhillCourt of C. C.of Lon.J. P. Wood, M. A. R. 1824
 Paul's-wharfDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sincumbent of St. Benet, Paul's Wharf, R.
 le-PoorDittoJ. S. Simpkinson, M. A. R. 1792
Stephen, St.Colem. stParishJosiah, Pratt. B. D. V. 1826
 WalbrookGrocers' CompanyG. S. Townley, M. A. R. 1784
Swithin, St.Lond--sto.Lay PatronH. G. Watkins, M. A. R. 1806
Thomas, St.ApostleDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sH. B. Wilson, D.D. R. 1816.
Trinity, Holy Dean and Chapter of CanterburyIncumbent of St. Michael, Queen-hithe, R.
Vedast, St.alias FosterArchbp. of Canterb.Incumbent of St. Michael-le-Querne, R.
Andrew, St.HolbornLay PatronGilbert Beresford, D. D. R. 1819
Bartholomew, St.the GreatDittoJohn Abbiss, M. A. R. 1819
 the LessGovernors of St. Bartholomew's hospitalSamuel Wix, M.A. V. 1808
Botolphwithout AldersgateDean and Chapter of WestminsterThomas H. Causton, Donative, 1824
Botolph, St.without AldgateLay PatronJ. B. Hollingworth, D.D. P. C. 1813
 without BishopsgateBishop of LondonC. J. Blomfield,Now bishop of Chester.
Bridget, alias St.BrideDean and Chapter of WestminsterThomas Clare, M. A. V. 1802
Dunstan, PatronRichard Lloyd, M. A. V. 1805
Giles, St.without CripplegateDean and Chapter of St. Paul'sW. Holmes, M.A. V. 1802
Sepulchre, St. St. John's College, OxfordR. D. Shackleford, D. D. V. 1784

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