The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 4

Allen, Thomas


The Rose Theatre.


This was a small theatre, situated at the north end of what was formerly called ; it is mentioned by Taylor, the water poet, in his

True cause of the Waterman's Suit concerning Players,


On the are the extensive works of the station of the Phoenix Gas and Coke company. It was originally a private company, established , conducted by Messrs. Monroe and Co. In it was sold to the South London Gas Company, who re-sold it in to the present company. The works are very complete, and occupy about quarters of an acre

On the site of the Falcon drawing dock, was situated the Falcon tavern, celebrated for the daily resort of Shakespeare and his companions.

In are the remains of a meeting-house, said to have belonged to Dr. Thomas Barlow, bishop of Lincoln, who here permitted his friend, the celebrated John Bunyan, to deliver his discourses. That Barlow was not a man of very sturdy principles, we learn from Wood and Granger. He was born in , fellow of Queen's college, Oxford, ; years after, reader of metaphysics in the university; keeper of the Bodleian library; in , chosen provost of Queen's college. On the Restoration, he was of the commissioners for restoring the members of the college, expelled in . In , he was made bishop of Lincoln. He wrote several books against the Roman catholics; yet, when the duke of York became king, he took all opportunities of expressing his affection to him, and sent him an address of thanks for his


declaration of liberty of conscience. Yet, after the Revolution, be readily voted that the king had abdicated the throne, and was active in displacing from their benefices such of the clergy as refused the oaths. He died , in the year of his age.

On the west side of the new road from to , is an extensive building forming sides of a quadrangle; it is now in the occupation of J. Harris, esq. an eminent hat manufacturer. This building was formerly the parish workhouse; on , it was ordered that a workhouse should be built on a piece of ground purchased of Timothy Cason, esq. In the next year l. was borrowed for this purpose, and other payments of parish money, to the amount of were afterwards ordered. In , a wing and other necessary buildings were added, to receive additional persons, which cost about , and was paid out of the surplus rents of the parish estates.

The present extensive building was opened in , and cost about The garden was part of a place of entertainment called Finch's Grotto gardens. It has been long deserted as a workhouse, and was repaired in a very handsome manner in the latter part of the year .

Pursuing a northerly course, we arrive at , at the east end of which, on the south side, is


[] Engraved in Wilkinson's Londinia Illustrata.

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CHAPTER I: Site, local divisions, and government of the City of Westminster; history of the Abbey; Coronation Ceremonies; and lists of the Abbots and Deans
CHAPTER II: Westminster Abbey, and Description of the Tombs and Monuments
CHAPTER III: History and Topography of St. Margaret's Parish
CHAPTER IV: History and Topography of St. John's Parish, Westminster
CHAPTER V: History and Topography of the parish of St. Martin's in the Fields, Westminster
CHAPTER VI: History and Topogrpahy of the parish of St. James, Westminster
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CHAPTER XIV: History and Topography of the Precincts of the Charter-house and Ely Place, and the Liberty of the Rolls
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CHAPTER XX: History and Topography of St. Saviour's Parish
CHAPTER XXI: History and Topography of the parist of Christ-church in the County of Surrey
 CHAPTER XXII: A List of the Principal Books, &c that have been published in Illustration of the Antiquities, History, Topography, and other subjects treated of in this Work
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