The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 4

Allen, Thomas


Devonshire House.


This part of the street was formerly called , as far as the turnpike at . A long time subsequent to the year this mansion was the last house in the street. It has been rebuilt, and recedes a little from the rest of the houses in the street. There is nothing in its exterior appearance to recommend it to particular notice; but its interior is richly stored with some of the finest works of art in any private collection. Here are the productions of Titiano, Guido, Tintoretto, Salvator Rosa, Rembrandt, Carlo Cagnani, and others. The portrait of Philip II. of Spain, by Titiano, is reckoned uncommonly fine; and the picture by Salvator Rosa, is of the best in existence of this great master's productions. Rembrandt's Jewish Rabbi is also deserving of particular notice; nor should Tintoretto's portrait of Marc Antonio de Dominis be overlooked. This person was the archbishop of Spalatro.

Here also are portraits of Hampden's friend, Arthur Goodwin; Jane, lady Wharton; the famous lord Falkland; sir Thomas Brown, his lady, and daughters, painted by Dobson; Carlo Cagnani, by himself; the old countess of Desmond, and many others.

In the ancient mansion lived Christiana, wife of William, earl of Devon, in great splendour and hospitality. She died, at an advanced age, in the year .

According to Pennant, this house was, in her days, the great resort of wits.

Waller made it his theatre; and Denham is said here to have prated more than ever.

The duke of Devonshire took down the house, and built


another; which was destroyed by fire, in the reign of George II; after which the present building was constructed from of Kent's designs, at an expense of , including presented by the duke to the artist for his plans, &c.

The apartments are very grand, and are built in a capital style.

is remarkable as the site from whence distances are usually taken to all places west of London. It is of the principal entrances; and, from its elevation, and the number of elegant structures adjoining and in progression, cannot fail of impressing very powerfully the ideas of strangers visiting the metropolis.

The mass of buildings, erected on the north side of the street, from the designs of the Adams', Apsley house, built by the lord chancellor Bathurst, now the residence of the duke of Wellington; , and the enchanting views which in every quarter attract the eye, form such an assemblage of picturesque beauty, as is seldom to be met with at the entrance of a vast and populous city.


[] Pennant's London.

[] At the present time (Oct. 1828) being enlarged with an elegant front of stone, the lower part rusticated.

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