Here and There at Tufts

Doane, Lewis


Goddard Gymnasium


In 1884, by the gift of Mrs. Mary T. Goddard, the erection of a gymnasium was made possible. In its first form it was not the Gym as we know it. The part now containingthe baseball cage and trophy room was not erected until 1898. This addition made the building ample for its purposes. In the trophy room are the memorials of many hard-fought battles, perhaps the best known being the bronze tablet representing the victory of the football team over Harvard. Mr. C. B. Lewis is the present physical director and work is required of all students for the first two years. On the third floor are the music rooms and the library of music and rolls connected with the Music Department. In this room are a Pianola, an AEolian, and an Ivers & Pond player-piano, and several hundred rolls for these instruments. The building is constructed of brick with ornamented facings and is three stories in height. It is near the old campus and tennis courts.

  • Here and There at Tufts, was published by the class of 1909 as an early form of a yearbook. The text includes photographs and histories of academic buildings, dormitories, former deans and presidents, classrooms, fraternities, athletic teams, and student organizations.
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