Here and There at Tufts

Doane, Lewis


Steam Laboratory


The steam engineering laboratory contains a small Harris-Corliss engine with piping arranged to exhaust either into the atmosphere or into an admiralty type independent condenser; also several smaller engines, a belt-driven air compressor, and a machine for testing lubricating oils and bearing metals. The laboratory is well equipped with indicators, calorimeters, weighing tanks, and the smaller apparatus required.

Additional apparatus for instruction in steam engineering is found in the Power House. Here there are two steam engines directly connected to electric generators, an engine belted to an Alden brake, and a gas engine belted to an electric generator and also provided with Prony and rope brakes. These engines and the 125 H. P. boiler are all available for the purposes of testing.

The regular list of experimental work includes tests on steam gages and indicators; determination of engine clearance; valve setting on plain slide valve, automatic high speed, and Corliss type engines, the flow of steam and air through orifices; tests on injectors and condensers; the use of steam calorimeters; tests on steam and gas engines under various conditions; and boiler tests.

Tests in neighboring power plants are frequently made by courtesy of the owners.

C. H. C.

  • Here and There at Tufts, was published by the class of 1909 as an early form of a yearbook. The text includes photographs and histories of academic buildings, dormitories, former deans and presidents, classrooms, fraternities, athletic teams, and student organizations.
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