Here and There at Tufts

Doane, Lewis


The Ivy


The Ivy is the honorary Junior society which was organized at Tufts College in the spring of 1901 by members of the class of 1902. Its membership includes representatives of all the fraternities and of the non-fraternity body. The efforts of the society are directed towards College and class interests, and special attention is toward breaking down the factional lines in college. The badge is in the form of a gold ivy leaf with a T raised in green upon it.

Since 1902 the society has published what is known as the "Freshman Bible," a Tufts hand-book which contains important information about the College and is a useful guide to the new-comers as well as to the rest of the student body. Copies are distributed to the undergraduates at the opening of each college year. By this publication alone, the society may well justify its existence.

Various other lines of work are undertaken from year to year, and particular mention should be made of the Tufts Song-book, published by the 1907 Ivy. One of the latest enterprises is the inauguration of the College " Sings " in the spring of 1907.

  • Here and There at Tufts, was published by the class of 1909 as an early form of a yearbook. The text includes photographs and histories of academic buildings, dormitories, former deans and presidents, classrooms, fraternities, athletic teams, and student organizations.
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