Here and There at Tufts

Doane, Lewis




In 1875, when Tufts' first organized football team sent a challenge to Harvard, and was in turn challenged, football had by no means assumed its present-day proportions, either in its science or in the general interest evoked. In fact, for some years, football was not an annual event.

But all that period of changeable enthusiasms is over; for football has come to stay, bringing with it honor for Tufts. One thing effecting this change for the better is the introduction of " coaching," an institution which shows its value in general team improvement. The coaching of Dr. Charles Whalen, M. '06, has given Tufts some fine teams, and the men who have helped make up those teams have done as much for their Alma Mater by their clean playing, their desire to win fairly, as they have by their victories. As long as this spirit is inherent in the football men, one has no need to fear for the future of football at Tufts.

  • Here and There at Tufts, was published by the class of 1909 as an early form of a yearbook. The text includes photographs and histories of academic buildings, dormitories, former deans and presidents, classrooms, fraternities, athletic teams, and student organizations.
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