Here and There at Tufts

Doane, Lewis


The Semi-Centennial Celebration


President Capen had planned the features that marked the celebration of the semi-centennial of the founding of Tufts College, when his death, March 22, 1905, threw the burden upon his associates. Dr. Hamilton presided at all the public exercises.

These exercises included the Commemoration sermon, by Rev. Dr. W. H. Rider, '69; the unveiling of Cyrus Cobb's bust of the second president of the College, Dr. Miner, with an historical address by Mr. Hosea Starr Ballou; the Phi Beta Kappa oration by Rev. Dr. Henry Blanchard, '59, and the poem by Rev. Dr. Dwight M. Hodge, H '05; the Fourth Reunion Concert of the musical clubs, in charge of Prof. Leo R. Lewis, '87, with an augmented chorus of men's and women's voices; the Forty-ninth Annual Commencement, and Commemoration Day.

Tuesday, June 20, was celebrated as Commencement Day, on which occasion two honorary degrees were conferred; and one hundred and eighty-three degrees in course. At the Commencement dinner among the speakers were the four deans of the college -Dr. Leonard, Dr. Shipman, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Anthony.

The gathering of eminent men on Commencement Day was unequalled in the history of the College. The guests included Governor Douglas, General Chaffee, and Kogoro Takahira, envoy from Japan, together with visiting college officials and others who had done noble service in science, letters, and religion. Fifty-two honorary degrees were conferred.

The significant feature of the celebration was the great gathering of friends of the College. Our illustration shows some of the most distinguished of these as they occupied the chancel of Goddard Chapel on Commemoration Day.

D. L. M.

  • Here and There at Tufts, was published by the class of 1909 as an early form of a yearbook. The text includes photographs and histories of academic buildings, dormitories, former deans and presidents, classrooms, fraternities, athletic teams, and student organizations.
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