Londina Illustrata. Graphic and Historical Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Schools, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places of Early Amusement, and Modern Present Theatres, in the Cities and Suburbs of London and Westminster, Volume 1

Wilkinson, Robert


Monuments and Inscriptions in the Present Church of St. Peter upon Cornhill: Finished, A.D. 1681.


—Until the repair of in , the font used to stand in a christening pew erected in this part of the building, upon a floor of black and white marble, against the exterior wall of the Vestry and on the south side of the door. Upon the upper part of the white marble bannisters which enclosed it was engraven

Here ly the bodies of Margaret and Mary, wives of Samuel Purchas, by whom he had


sons and


daughters; all which, excepting


daughters, lie here interred: who shall rise again and live for ever. Anno Dom.


. This Purchas gave this Font:

— Mary Weston, :—Mary, daughter of John Ingle of this Parish, died , Aet. months days:—John Christian Hoffman, died , Aet. :—Charles Godfrey Hoffman, died , Aet. :—On the floor at the entrance to the Nave, very much defaced, Robert Fowler, , with sons of his nephew, Robert Fowler, of this Parish, who layed this stone; viz. Robert, died , aged months, and Thomas, died , aged days: a handsome cartouche mural monument of marble, decorated with cherubim, drapery, and garlands, with a long Latin inscription, to the memory of the Rev. James Bucks, S.T.B. Obiit to. Januarii, , Aet. .[a]  Arms above Parted per fesse nebulèe Arg. and Sa. the attires of bucks affixed to the scalp, all counterchanged.——

Viii sons and v daughters of Robart and Elizabeth Rovland,



—Ursula, wife of James Smith, Poulterer, died -, aged ; also James Smith, her husband, died , in his year; also Robert Smith, his brother, died , in his year:—a handsome architectural mural slab of marble, decorated with drapery, winged skulls, and cherubim, to Jonathan, son of Isaac Gale, Esq. of St. Elizabeth's in Jamaica,[b]  d ed , Aged years wanting days; and to Isaac, son of John Gale, Esq. of Vere, in the same island, died , in his year. Arms above, Az. on a fesse between saltires, Arg. as many lions' heads erased, Gu.— An oval mural tablet of white marble, surrounded by drapery, and surmounted by clouds with cherubim, and a celestial crown, to the memory of the children of James and Mary Woodmason, consumed in the night of :—Richard Beck, died , in his year.— Colinge, son of Nicolas Bendy, of this Parish, died , aged ; also Sarah, his wife, daughter of Jeremy Green, Esq. late Citizen of London, died , in her year:—Martha, daughter of Francis Brerewood, Esq. by his wife Martha Graves; she was married to Roger Burroughs, Citizen of London, and deceased without issue , aged ; also the above-named Francis, son of Sir Robert Brerewood, of Cheshire, and divers years an inhabitant of this Parish, died , in his year; also Sarah Brerewood, his wife, died ,

being her birth-day, aged

one hundred


—a slab with a long Latin inscription to the memory of Catherine, late wife of Richard Serle, of Lock leys, in the County of Herts, Esq. Obiit to Junii, , Aet. ; also Richard Serle, her husband, Obiit mo Novembris, , Aet. . Arms in a circle above Impaled, coat Parted per pale Or and Sa. coat defaced. Crest on a wreath a tower Or, with flames issuing from the battlements proper. Against the south-east pier a very stately cartouche marble monument, with drapery, cherubim, &c. to Lewis Grenewell, died , aged ; also William Grenewell, late of this Parish, died , aged ; erected by their sister Mrs. Mary Grenewell, the only remains of Richard Grenewell, late of Northwood, in the Isle of Wight, Gent.; also Mrs. Mary Grenewell, died , aged years. Arms above Or, bars Az. between Ducal coronets Gu.— a slab to the memory of

Mrs. Bridget Searle, wife of Mr. Edward Searle, of this Parish, merchant, who died the

17th day of March, 1713

, and also


of their children: it is her desier that her ashes may never be removed.

—, on a small square slab,

October the 29th, 1734

, Died John, Lord Bishop of Carlile;

namely, Dr. Wangh, Rector of this Church.—. . . An oval mural tablet of white marble to Charles Chauncy, many years an inhabitant of this Ward, died , in his year: also Martha, his wife, died , aged ; also Martha, Elizabeth, and Mary, their daughters, who died young: a slab with a Latin inscription to Mrs. Emma Sanderson, the pious, beloved, and sole wife of Mr. Robert Sanderson, Citizen of London, who after years of weary widowhood deceased .

Ipsisque Denuo in loco connupta

Sunt hic etiam sua prædia Laudi.



—William Hinton, Citizen and Ironmonger of London, died , aged ; and Elizabeth Chewning, his wife, died , aged , by whom he had sons and daughters; also of Rebecca Leman, his wife, by whom he had no issue, who died , aged ,

who ordered by her will this stone to be laid:

—Walter Tredway, died ; Samuel Tredway, died :—Elizabeth Angell, died ; Anne and Catherine Angell, died ; J. B. Angell, died ; Elizabeth Angell, mother of the above, died , aged .—Of the latter family which has now been for nearly a century eminent in Parish, the Church also contains the following memorials.—A slab to John Baptist Angell, died , aged ; Flizabeth, wife of William Angell of , died , aged ; George, their son, died , aged ; Elizabeth Lees their granddaughter, died , aged years and months; also the above William Angell, died , in his year: a slab to William son of W. S. Angell, born , died . ; and Sarah Angell, born , died .

There are also the following inscriptions in various parts of this building.—


of S


. J. B. childeren buried here:

Mr. . . . Matthew Beck, died Jan. . .


, aged





—Mrs. Martha Drafgale, died , aged :—Mrs. Mary Jones, died , aged : Mr. John Jones, died , aged :—Henry Callender, late of , London, Esq. died , in his year; Ellen, daughter of John and Ellen Vardon, of this Parish, died , aged ; also of Henry, Mariana, John, Hugh James, and Mary Ann, who died in their infancy; also of Edward son of the above, died , aged years and months: also of Frances Wood, sister of the above Ellen Vardon, died , aged ; also the above John Vardon, died , aged .

—Robert Rowland, Clothier, of Strowd in the County of Gloucester, died .

My dearest loue 'tis but a time'

Before my dust shall mix with thine,

And then our soules in bliss shall twine:—

I come my dearest loue as I haue said,

Happy and my bones. . . . . . .are laid. 171. .

A large and handsome altar-tomb in the south-east part of the Churchyard, removed in consequence of decay in , after advertisement to any of the family remaining to repair it; Mrs. Mary Jones, daughter of Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Jones, formerly inhabitants of this Parish, died , aged :—Near the same an ornamented headstone to John Butler, Parish Clerk, died :—William Avery, died , aged ; also Susannah, his wife, died , aged ; also Esther his daughter by a former marriage, died , aged ;—Henry Thomas Avery, late of the Parish of St. Bride, died , aged ; also Elizabeth his relict, died , aged :——Thomas Day, died , in his year; also Rachel Price his widow; also Catherine Day, died , aged years and months; also William Day, died , aged years and months, children of William and Catherine Day.——Thomas Atkinson, died , aged : also Sarah, James, and William, his children:—Henry Parry, died , aged .——Mrs. Mary Gould, died , aged ; also William Gould, her husband, died , aged ; also Sarah-Elizabeth, their daughter, died , aged ; also Anne-Lydia, their daughter, wife of Mr. Thomas Hobson, of , , died , aged :—Mrs. Sarah Peacock, wife of Christopher John Peacock, of this Parish, died , aged ; also the above Christopher John Peacock, died , aged ; also Elizabeth Cork, their daughter, died , aged :—James William Jefferiss, died , aged .


[a] Malcolm in his Londinum Redivivum, vol. iv. p. 572, unaccountably observes of this monument that it was erected to the memory of Dr. James Buck, Rector of this Parish, which is altogether erroneous; the words which he has misunderstood signifying only that he was a very excellent and diligent servant of this Church, probably as Lecturer, or Curate for Dr. Beveridge, who was Rector of St. Peter's in the time of Dr. Bucks.

[b] Another interment in this Church from the same Island, is mentioned in the London Post of Monday, Nov. 20th to 23rd 1724. N.S. Last Friday night the corpse of Major Rose, a Jamaica merchant, was interred at St. Peter's Cornhill, from Mercer's Hall, in the most pompous manner; the body laid in a leaden coffin, and dressed in the richest linen and lace and scarlet hose with gold clokes, after the custom of America.

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