Londina Illustrata. Graphic and Historical Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Schools, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places of Early Amusement, and Modern Present Theatres, in the Cities and Suburbs of London and Westminster, Volume 1

Wilkinson, Robert




On the north side, was open to the street, from which it was separated by a small green churchyard. Its west front, as now, was divided from the adjoining houses by St. Michael's Alley, then called


Longe Aley


which had a gate and near it, for the erecting of which (. Hen. VI.) were paid. At night, a was suspended over this gate; and another in the cloister. new lanterns, for this purpose, in , cost the sum of . On the south side, was a churchyard, in part surrounded by the before noticed, and filled with monuments of eminent persons; in the midst of which was another cross. was paid in , to William Barbor, for making of this cross,

and for naylls, and for tymbre for said cros, and for the carpent


. labor.

—The church, withinside, was divided into a body and side aisles. It had a choir, fitted up for singing, lighted by clerestory windows; an after-chapel of our Lady, a chapel of St. Catharine, and various others. Its altars and images will be seen in enumerating the several items in the churchwardens' accounts, which instruct us as to other particulars.

The steeple, which was begun to be built in , was probably finished in , as in that year William Rus, or Russe, alderman and goldsmith, added, by will, a bell, or , to the , which had been hung in the former belfry. years afterwards, the following entries occur for church work:

Anno 1455,34 Hen. VI.
 Payd for di C of pavyngtile for amending of the pavement of the chirche------ xviii. d. 
 Payd to a mason for iii daies pavying in the chirch, taking ye day, viiij. d. sma.----- ij s. 
 Item, paid to John Aylesbury for his lobor wt ye mason, by ye seid iij. daies------ viij. d. 
 Item, payd for iij sak of lyme----------- vj. d. 
 Item, payd for a lode sonde----------- vj. d. 
 Item, payd to a founder for ye scouring of iij grete candelstikkes, stonding before ye awter----- ij. s. 
 — ale for the founder----------- ob. 
 — to John Aylesbury for scouring of small candelstikkes------ iiij. d. 
 — for iij cofynes for juelles to be leide yn--------- ij. s. 
Anno 1456 to 1475.
 Paied to a smyth for iren werk for ye glassewyndowe yn oure Lady chapell ij. s. vj. d. And to the glasier for the same ij. s. vj. d. And to the same smyth for iren work for the iiij opening of the clerestreies, and the body of the chirch xijs. And to the glasier for the same, vijs. v. di. sma.-------- xxiiij. s. v. d. 
 Item, paid for ij lb soudre (solder) spendid on the north side of the chirche, over Seynt Margaretis auter--- xij. d. 
 Item, for ij ropes for the smale feriall (holiday) bellis-------- xj. d. 
 Item, for arreysyng of the steppys atte chirche gate-------- xvj. d. 
 Payd for ij cheynys to teye wh ij sautye (psalter) bokys lying in the chapel of Seint Catryn----- ij. s. ij. d. 
 Payd for xij lb. & di. sawder, for the mendyng of the lede ovre Seynt Xpõfre----- vj. s. iiij. d. 
 For amendyng of a cheyne for a boke in oure Lady Chapell-------- iiij. d. 
 For amendyng of the rayll for the copes in the vestiary-------- j. d. 
 Item, for lyftyng up of the Myghell in the steple--------- j. d. 
 Item, payde for mendyng of the fote for the worst crosse, and for burnysshyng of same----- ij. s. 
 Item, for a staffe to the same crosse, peynted and gylded-------- vij. d. 
 Payde for mendyng of the cherche batylment of the northe-syde-------- xvj. d. 
 Payde for translatyng of the meyres pue--------- x. s. vj. d 
 Payde for makyng of the puys in our Lady Chapel-------- xiiij. s. 

This last entry deserves remark, as rectifying a mistake which has been often made, that, before the Reformation, there were in our churches.

 Payde for makyng of the fyveth bell claper-------- ij. s. 
 Payd for leñgyng of an yron cheyne, and makyng of the hawte-pace there, as the newe orisons nowe stonde; as yt aperyth by his bylle, sma.----------- xx. s. ix. d. 


Payd to John Crochard, smythe, for makyng of the yron warke in the rodeloft, ye whiche stondeth by ye orgons, and holdythe ye rode-loft, &c. xxj. s.—Payd to Roberd Crosseby, carpentr. for v gyfts and c burde, ij feletts and iij legges; and for rabaytyng of ye seid burds, and workemanshype of ye same in the rode-lofte, to enhawse hyt, and to make stonding for the seid organs, sma. v. s. vij. d.—Payd for ij barres of yron wt stapulls and nayles to them, to staye wt oure Lady and Saynte John in the rode-lofte, sma. iij. s. v. d. ob.—Payd to a carpentr. to make holes in the sayd ij ymages, and to make them fast wt the seid barres of yron, both at viij. d.

Payd for carryng of tymbur and shorys to our church, to vndr. shore the northe syde, tylle hytt was made ayen, sma. vij. d.

By the latter entry, which was made in 1475, the church seems at this time to have needed some considerable repairs. INCIDENTAL DISBURSEMENTS during the above Interval: Payd for a corde of blu twyne, for the redell of the image of Seint George------ GRC: Illegible in printed book. d. Item, for amendyng of the redell of Seynt Mighell and Seynte George------ ij. s. To a peyntour for clensyng of ye ymages of Seynt Mighel and Seynt George------ ix. d. To John Belamy, carpentr. for tymbre of the crosse, and carrynge of the same----- xiiij. d. Paid to West, founder, for amendyng of a candelstyk afore Saynte Barbara----- viij. d. Item, payed for the makyng clene of the bolles of our Lady of Pitee-------- ij. d. Item, for makyng clene of the candelstick afore Seint John-------- iiij. d. Payd to Richard Sutton, goldsmyth, for amending of the crownes and cheynes of the silver sencers--- ij. s. Paied to Ric. Messauge, goldsmith, for iij ounces of silver, to the amendyng of Russe's crosse, viij. s., and for werkmanship, vj. s. viij. d.--------- xiiij. s. iiij. d. Item, paied to the smyth for hangyng of a clothe of the Tr.nsfiguracion----- xviij. d. For amendyng of ij crosses, and for a little. bell, that ryngeth afore the sacrament----- v. s. vj. d.

 Item, for wyne spendid atte Pope's Head, in pr.sence of divr.se of the parisshens------ vij. d. ob. 
 Item, paid at Cardinalle's Hatte, ij. d. ob.—And atte Swan, iij. d. to the arbitrors of Thomas Liffyn--- v. d. ob. 
 Payde for wryting of the copy of Pynchon's testament------ iij. s. iiij. d. 
 Payde at Seynte Bartilmewe's Spytell, for the same testament-------- viij. d. 
 Item, for pap. and for wryting of Pynchon's last testament-------- ij. s. j. d. 
 Payd to Danvers for counsell of the same testament-------- iij. s. iiij. d. 
 Item, payde atte the Myter in CHEPE, for the pson and his men-------- xviij. d. 
 To Coydesmor, a man of law----------- xx. d. 
 Payd to Calop, for ij rolles of pchemyn (parchment) to make with this boke------ xx. s. 
 Payd for makyng and byndyng of the same boke, and for clapces (clasps)------ iij. s. iiij. d. 
EXTRA RECEIPTS, Anno1474and1475.
 Receyved touward the repacions of the cherche out of the cherche aley bagg be the will of my Lord the Meyer, Sir Willam Stokker, and John Henggyrford, and other pisshons, att the accompt, beyng-------- vj. li. 
 Receyved of the gyfte of John Coppedale, su tyme dwellyng in Langhorne's Aley, in Cornhyll, for the behoveth of ye church-- xx. d. 
 Receyved owt of the seid churche aley bagge for to bye newe ledde for the cross of Seynt Minell's stepull, by wille of alle ye pysshons, as hyt aperyth in ye paymets hereaft.--------- xx. li. 
 Receyved owt of the seid churche aley bagge, for the carpetr. that made all ye tymbur and warke of ye crosse that stondythe a pon Seynte Minell's stepelle and othur, as hyt aperyth in the paymets, &c.------ xvi. li. 

This church had a considerable quire, of which was conduct in the reign of Henry VIII. who covenanted with M. John Wardropper, the parson, and the wardens, duly and truly

to be psent in syngyng and helping of the service of God, w


in the said chirch of Seint Mighell, to be doon vpon pryncipall fests, double fests, fests of x lessons, and other suche dayes as orgayns should there be occupied, and on other


dayes, except when lawfully exempted therefrom, for the techyng of his children.

—And further,

to find iiij children, the best he might have, to helpe the quyre on pricipall fests, and holy dayes, in syngyng of pryksong and playn song.


to keep evy. Friday after the mann afore vsed, the




, at the owre of iij of the clok, at after none following, w


children convenyent. by the space of an hole year,

&c.—A few of the disbursements on account of this quire, will give an idea of the expenses attending it.
 1462. Item, paide to ij clerks for syngyng in the churche from Wednesday afore Ester, unto the Mchas after. And for the borde of one of the same clerks by the same tyme-------- vij. s. j. d. 
 1466. Payde to S. Willem for v queyres of vellem of prykked song------ ix. s. ij. d. 
   Payde to S. John Salesbury, for his half-quarter wages-------- xviij. s. viij. d. 
   Payde Mayster John for halowyng of a corporas-------- iiij. d. 
   Payed to Sir William Barbour for prykkyng of a masse-------- x d. 
   Payde to Roberd's clerk for prekyng of a masse in the cherche boke------ xvj. d. 
   Payde for halowyng of the new vestments--------- ij. s. 
   Item, payed to Wareyn Domy, vestement maker, for amendyng of all the vestments in the chirche--- xj. s. viij. d. 
   Paid to Nicholas Clerk, for washing of surplysses, awbes, awter clothes, and towells. And for settyng on of the parelles on the awbes--------- vj. s. viij. d. 
   Item, for a key to the almery in the vestiary-------- iij. d. 
The effects of theReformationwill be seen in the following entries:
 1548. Payd to a mason for cuttinge downe the stowens yt ye images stewd vpon in ye church----- xvj. d. 
   Payd to Mr. Hethe for payntyng of the church wt scrypture------ xv. lib. 
   Payd to the scolle-me of Polles, for wrytyng of the masse in Englysh and ye Benedicites----- v. s. 
   Payd for viij sawlters (psalters) in Englyshe, &c.-------- vj.—viij. d. 
   Payd to the joyntr for takynge downe the shryvyng pew, and making another pew in the same place--- iij. s. 
 1549 Payd to ye mason in Gracyous Strete, for takyng downe vj aulters------ xv. s. 
   Item, pd to hym for a daye and a halfe's worke, to paue where the alters were----- xij. d. 
 1550. To ye pore man to take downe ye glasse in ye vestrye-------- iiij. d. 
   To a gardiner, for to dygg and levell all ye churche yarde------ xx.s. 
   Pd to ye porters of the weyhouse for takyng downe of the hyghe awter stone, and for carying same into ye cloysters-- iiij. s. 
   For ij laborours for dygyng downe ye awter-------- viij. d. 
The following item must excite the regret of the lover of Antiquities.
 Pd to Pryste, ye brycklayer, for ye inlargyng ye quere, and to take downe ye towmbes, and pave all agayne--- xxxvj. s. viij. d. 



Thus commenced the havoc that was made of the venerable memorials of the dead in this church. We may guess the extent of this sacrilege by the Items in the succeeding list of property sold:

 For xl foote of grave-stone, at----------- x. s. 
 For ye Lattyn plates of ye quere, and in ye chappells, to T. Woodhouse------ xxxvj. s. 
 For Sr Thomas Baker's grave in ye cloyster--------- iij. s. iiij. d. 
 For a lyttell grave-stone of Mr. Bolve--------- iij. s. 
 Of a mason for ye crosse of stone, and ye tombe of Mr. Sutton-------- vj. s. 
The following will show the riches of this church, in plate and vestments:
Receyts for Ornaments of the Churche that were solde.
 Imprimis—One blewe coope with ravens--------- vj. li. vij. s. 
 Item, l coope of red clothe of golde, at--------- vij. li. 
 Item, l lyttell vestment of red velvet, at--------- iiij. s. vj. d. 
 Item, l awter clothe of purple velvett, and clothe of golde, at-------- lvij. s. 
 Item, l red vestment wt a deken wt blacke crosse and starres------ xij. s. 
 Item, l cannape of red sylke pryse--------- xx. s. 
 Item, ij copes of whyte sarsnet----------- xxx. s. 
 Item, j payntid clothe, at----------- ij. s. iiij. d. 
 Item, sold to Mr. Stanfyld, l tawny coope, iiij. s. ij. d. And iij. coopes of blew bawdkyn, xxxj. s. vj. d. and j vestment of gren badkyn, v. s. vj. d.----------- xlj. s. ij. d. 
 Item, to Mr. Lewte, ij copes of grene tyssew, and a whyte vestment wt garters, at----- viiij. li. xiij. s. ij. d. 
 Item, to John Tatton, ij copes of blacke velvet, 1 vestment of yelow saye, and 1 sewte of vestments, black velvet, all at-- iiij. li. xvij. s. ij. d. 
 Item, to Stephen Rowland, j vestment of blewe bawdkyn, wt blanches, and 1 vestment wt a deken of badkyn, wt red crosses, at— And one olde awter clothe of grene, all at--------- xlvij. s. x. d. 
 Item, to John Relfe, j vestment of crymsen velvet, and iij olde awbs, at------ xlij. s. 
 Item, to Bryan Cawserly, j cope whyt damask, and j vestment, russet, at------ xxiiij. s. iij. d. 
 Item, to John Ashmore, j cope, whyte bawdkyn, and a vestment of yelow ryssette, and xxij lyttell awter clothes, all at-- xxix. s. 
 Item, Thomas Bales, j vestment, blewe velvet, ij cortens of changeable sarsnet, and ij cortens of red and grene sarsnet, all at xxiij. s. j. d. 
 Item, Rychard Howlyn, j vestment, red velvet, wt burds, at-------- xij. s. 
 Item, Thomas Stynt, ij coopes of grene and blacke velvet-------- xxvj. s. ix. d. 
 Item, Thomas Baker, ij coopes of grene and blewe mockades, at------ iiij. s. 
 Item, Wyllyam Hawle, ij vestments, whyte damaske, and one of whyt bustyan, at----- xx. s. vj. d. 
 Item, John Travys, j vestment of red brydges, sattyn-------- xxiiij. s. iiij. d. 
 Item, R. in redy money, owt of ye cheste, sma-------- xx. li. xvij. s. ix. d. 
 >Suma R. lxix. li. vj. s. j. d.

The civil wars brought in the Presbyterian form of discipline in this church, and the vestry ordered, pursuant to an ordinance of parliament, dated , for the demolishing of monuments of

idolatrie and supersticion

—that same should be forthwith put into execution in this parish.

This church having shared the common fate in the great fire of London, Sir C. Wren was employed to erect the present elegant structure. It consists of an exquisitely proportioned interior of the Tuscan order; pillars and semi-pillars compose a body and aisles; the roof of the middle consists of intersected arches, separated by ornamental bands, which spring from elegant brackets: over each arch are circular clerestory windows; small pilasters face the pillars on the north and south walls; and from those, arches intersect; and centre flowers have pendant chains for lustres.

The sacrarium is fronted by pilasters, whose capitals are gilt, and a rich gilt cornice passes from them to the east wall.—The altar-piece is very elegant.—The tower, which is of the pointed style, and very tall, was built in . Though not correctly designed in the taste, it is certainly very beautiful. At each corner is an angulated turret, as high as the belfry; where they become fluted, and the capital ornamented with sculptures of human faces, from which they spire into very elegant pinnacles.

The dreadful conflagration in Exchange Alley, which happened in the year , was stopped by the tower of this church.

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