Londina Illustrata. Graphic and Historical Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Chapels, Schools, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places of Early Amusement, and Modern Present Theatres, in the Cities and Suburbs of London and Westminster, Volume 1

Wilkinson, Robert


Interments in the Old Church of St. Peter upon Cornhill.The earlier part of the above list has been compiled from extracts from the Parish-Books contained in Mr. Wilkinson's MSS. which furnish the accurate names and dates of several of those remains of monuments noticed by Stow, as having been defaced before his time, as well as the particulars of several altogether unrecorded by him. The inscriptions and names of some of the later tombs are from Strype's Stow's Survey of London, Vol. I. book ii. chap. viii. pp. 139, 140: but those erected in the present Church are almost entirely from the series of monumental Plates engraven for Mr. Wilkinson's intended history of St. Peter upon Cornhill.


Roger Avenor, buried on the south side of the Church, .

Walter De Avenor, under or near the tomb of his father, :—Nicholas Pycot,[d] 

Alderman and Mercer, at the Altar of St. Nicholas, :—Philip de Ufford, and Juliana his wife; he died :—Robert Pany, :—Hugh de Waltham, clerk, ; :—Hugh De Kent, and Matilda De Caxton, his wife; he died :—Robert De Manhale, Chandler; on the north side of the Church, :—William Byshop, :—William of Kingston, Fishmonger, buried before the Altar of the Holy Trinity, in a tomb erected by him in his lifetime; he died ,[e] —John Foxton, ; Arms, Gules, a Chevron between bugles sable, stringed and garnished, Or.

Orate pro anima Johannis Beauchamp De la Holt, Militis. Qui Obiit


. Cujus Animæ propitietur Deus. Amen;

Arms (Gules) a fesse between billets (Or) the shield surmounted by a helmet:—John Waleys, alias Coneysburgh,[f]  Poulterer, and Johanna Waleys, under a marble tomb; he died :—Richard Stondon, alias Manhale,[g]  under a marble tomb; died :—John Butler, Hostiller; died :— Peter Mason, Taylor, and Johanna his wife; he died :—Hugh Rybrede, Fishmonger, died :—Richard Tutford, Horner, died :—John Bernard, Vintner, died :—John Lane,[h]  Mercer, :—

Hic jacet Johannis Sparke, Civis et Cheesman, Lond. Qui Obijt

29 Sept. 1425

: Et Isabel uxor ejus, Quæ Obiit

24 Jan. 1428


—Alice Bridnel, Silkwoman, Widow; before the High Altar, :—Margery Clopton, widow of Robert Clopton, Aldermen; in the Chapel of St. Mary, :—

Hic jacet in tumulo Doctor venerabilis Hugo

Danset, (Damlett) olim Rector, vere fideique Protector.

M, C quater, quot X, ter IX, sit I, sex,

Aprilisque die ter IV., semel I, migrat ille.


April 13th, 1474


Joane Clerke, Widow, :—

Pray for the souls of Thomas Lomner, Citizen and Mercer of London, and Elizabeth his wife, which Thomas deceased

28th March, 1492

. And for the Children of them. On whose Souls Jesu have mercy. Amen.

Arms on the dexter side of the inscription, Sa. on a bend Arg. between cottises Ermine, escallops Gu. Sinister shield a chevron between leopards heads erased:—

Of your charite Pray for the Soul of

Thomas Pend, Citizen and Draper of London; and Elizabeth and Joan his wives. Thomas dyed

26th June

, Anno Dom.


Arms impaled, co.: a chevron ermine between wyverns; coat, a fesse indented between leopards' heads.

Hic jacet Magister Johannes Breton, D.S.T. ac quondam Rector istius Ecclesiæ. Obiit

29 Sept.

Anno Dom.



Pray for the Soul of William Spinke, Draper of London: who dyed

9th Oct. 1503


here be the Drapers' arms only:—

Pray for the Soul of Henry Ade, Citizen and Grocer of London, and Merchant of the Staple of Calais: (and of) Margaret and Julian his wives. Henry died

15th April 1516


—his coat barry of ;—

Orate pro animabus Henrici Patmer Pannarii et Civis Lond., Johannæ, et Julianæ filiæ Wilhelmi Poines, de Essex, generosi, Uxorum ejus. Henricus Obiit

7 Oct. 1520


Arms on the dexter side Impaled, both quarterly; . coat, . and . Patmer. Arg. escutcheons Gu. on each a bend Vaire between cinquefoils Or. . and . chevronels. . coat. . and . Poins. Barry of Or and Gu. a mullet for difference. . and . a chevron between lozenges Ermine:—

Pray for the souls of Richard Vannel, Citizen and Goldsmith of London; and of Elizabeth and Joane his wives. Richard dyed



—Agnes Reed, daughter and heiress of Richard Reed of Wrangle, sometime Merchant of the Staple of Calais. Agnes dyed in the year of her age on Day, . Arms impaled barry of , in chief roundles:—

Hic jacet Willielimus Page, Civis et Pistor Londoniæ. Et Idonia, Johanna, et Johanna, Uxores ejus: Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen:

Here lyeth Edward Erlington which was Esquire of the Body of King Edward VI., and Chief Butler of England at his death: who died

16th Feb. 1558


Arms quarterly, and Arg. a fesse dancettée Sa. platée, between cornish choughs proper:—Thomas Gardener, Grocer:—Justice Smith, &c.—A faire ancient tombe for Sir William Bowyer, in the south ile of the quire—
In the Yeere of Jesus Christ's Incarnation One Thousand, Five Hundred, Forty, and Foure; The Twenty-Two Day of April by just computation, In this place was buried with great honóur;— Which proved a man meet to bee a Governóur For the Commwealth of this high and famous Citie: Which departed not with finding great calamity, And pray we to God to grant his Soule mercy. O London, if thou looke to the Lacedemonies, There to finde Lycurgus, that noble and kinde king; Or if thou seeke for Ciceroe's men of most prize, Or if thou apply thee to have the whole desiríng Of Amphyon, Orpheus, or of Mæcenas, demeaníng;— Seeke no farther to finde, for here hee is buried Which had all their properties for London's good orderíng; Bee wee then of his honourable degree well conceivíng, For his acts for ever be registred in London's meaníng.

A faire marble stone under the Communion-table, plated about,

Here lyeth Sir Henry Huberthorne, sometime Lord Maior and Merchant-Taylor of this Citie of London; and Dame Elizabeth, his wife Hee departed this life, &c. And the said Dame Elizabeth left this transitory life in Anno Domini



—a faire plated stone neere to the other—

Here under lieth buried William Messe of this Cítie,

Whilst he lived free of the Grocers' Company;

And Julian his wife to whom 24 yeres married was he,

By whom God sent him Five Sonnes and Daughters Three.

And to God's will his heart was alwaies bent,

So did his death shew a life well spent:

Here is this written that other may remember

His godly departure from this world the 26th of September.

In the same vault with Sir William Bowyer's body is Mr. Alderman Walthal's also laid; but no memorial yet made for him beside his funerall-banners.



Oct. 22nd

. Sonday. John Caunt, the yonger, fishmonger; this yong man by his fruits shewed his faith, which older yeld not. Hee gaue bountifully to both Vniuersities, to the Hospitall, to the poore of this Parish vij


, with many other legacies: his pit in the South Chappell, by Sir William Bowyer's. Yeares



Lucerna lucens faeem aliis.

From the Burial Register, fol. b—In a vault in the chancel upon the in the Year of our Lord , was buried the body of Thomas Westrow, Alderman and Sheriff of London; the son of Timothy Westrow, sometime Citizen and Grocer, in this Parish. His hatchments and such ensigns as were belonging to his name and degree hangyng over him.—Neer to this in the Chancel about a fair marble stone is this inscription:

Here lieth buried the body of Judith Fowler, with her new-born son, deceased the

22nd of November

, Ann. Dom.


. Stilo Angliæ.

Upon the stone thus.

She was born in Antwerp, the daughter of John Schine, Merchant (Stranger) of Middleburgh; and wife of John Fowler, Citizen and Mercer of London: She died in childbed, in the faith and love of God. She left behind her living


onely sonne and


daughter, Richard and Cornelia.


[d] Called by Stow Nicholas Pricot.

[e] Stow unaccountably states that this great benefactor to St. Peter's Parish and London Bridge, was buried here about the year 1298; whereas his will is dated 1375, 49th Edward III., which agrees with the real time of his death and interment as restored by the above extract.

[f] Written by stow Unisbrugh.

[g] Printed Manhall by Stow, and dated 1503.

[h] Misprinted. Law in Stow.

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