The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 2

Allen, Thomas


An account of the Aldermen and Sheriffs, with a list of the latter.

An account of the Aldermen and Sheriffs, with a list of the latter.


The aldermen of this city are of far more remote antiquity than the mayors; and their office was unquestionably of Saxon institution. The title of , or aldermen, among the ancient Saxons, appears to have been of the greatest dignity (though it is now no where to be found but in chartered societies;) and was synonimous with the title of


This probably gave rise to the honorable title of barons, whereby the aldermen and commonalty of London were for a long period denominated.

Whether the city of London at was divided into wards by king Alfred, (after his rebuilding the same, as already mentioned,) or by arbitrary lords, whose demesnes in the city were held in vassalage by the citizens, or by others, is unknown. However, the latter seems the more probable, from the known fact, that, during the Saxon government, most of the cities and towns in this kingdom were held in demesne or vassalage; which is strongly corroborated by the wards of this city being anciently hereditary, and alienable at the will of the alderman.

And it is observable, that the wards or aldermanries of this city were denominated from the aldermen, and anciently changed their names as often as their masters; and that the division of the city into wards or aldermanries, appears to be of great antiquity; for it is manifest, that London had both wards and aldermen in the reign of king Richard the .

The abuses which necessarily arose from this proprietary system,


led to repeated efforts on the part of the citizens to change the tenure of the office; and at length, from of those coalitions between the crown and the people, which are not uncommon in the history of revolutions, the right of property was, in the reign of Edward II. wrested from the aldermen, and the citizens of each ward were declared to have the power of electing annually the alderman who was to preside over it. So frequent an exercise, however, of the elective privilege, had also its peculiar inconveniences; and in , it was ordered by parliament that in future the aldermen should

continue in office during life or good behaviour.

At present it is regulated by an act of parliament passed in the Geo. I. and the person so elected is to be returned by the lord mayor (or other returning officer in his stead, duly qualified to hold a court of wardmote) to the lord mayor and aldermen, by whom the person so returned must be admitted and sworn into the office of alderman before he can act.

It is not necessary that the person elected should be a resident of the ward. Citizens of eminence often become candidates for the aldermanship of wards, with which they have previously had no particular connexion. Should a person decline the office of alderman, (which is, however, rarely the case,) he may be fined; there is even a precedent for imprisonment.

In elections for aldermen, the right of voting is confined to freemen who are resident householders of the ward paying scot and lot, and an annual rent of not less than a year.

Each alderman has the active direction or wardenship of the affairs of his ward, under the general superintendance of the lord mayor; and is assisted by or more deputies, appointed by himself from among the common-councilmen of the ward. Every ward, too, has its court of wardmote, or common-hall, with which the alderman may advise on all matters touching the common welfare.

The privilege of acting as magistrates in the city was formerly confined to the lord mayor, the recorder, the aldermen who had passed the chair, and the senior aldermen below it; but in the year , George II., by letters patent, empowered all the aldermen of London, without distinction, to act in future as justices of the peace within the city and its liberties.

It was anciently the custom for the magistrates of the city of London, to have posts painted and ornamented, set up at their doors, on which the royal proclamations were fixed. Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and several others of our old dramatists, notice this practice. These posts were usually newly-painted on entering into office, a custom which is alluded to by the satirical bishop of Salisbury, when in his , he says of an alderman,

his discourse, is commonly the annals of his mayoralty, and what good government there was in the days of his gold chain,

though the door posts were the only things that suffered reformation.

to the reformation the city, in imitation of the national parliament, had its spiritual alderman; the prior of the Holy Trinity, without , for the time being, having always been the alderman of Portsoken ward.

The dignity of alderman, like that of the lord mayor, had once more than ordinary protection; and in those turbulent times, when personal feelings and resentment usurped the place of law and justice, it is recorded that a citizen was imprisoned, and his right hand cut off for assaulting an alderman. Resistance to the authority of an alderman was commonly punishable with the loss of freedom, and imprisonment for a year and a day.

The costume of the aldermen is a cloth gown of violet or scarlet, lined with silk, or furred according to the season. On occasion, an alderman who neglected to line his cloak according to the established mode, was condemned by his brethren to a summary punishment, amusingly characteristic of the claims of this respectable body to the character which Shakespeare has given of them, as being

with fat capon lined.

They decreed that the whole court should go and breakfast with him.

The office of sheriff, (, or governor of the shire, or county), is an office of great antiquity, trust, and authority. The lord mayor and citizens of London have the shrievalty of London and Middlesex in fee by charter; and the sheriffs are by the livery annually elected.

Any person being a freeman of London is eligible to the office; and whoever is elected is bound to serve, unless he can swear that he is not worth The penalties for refusal are to be paid into the city chamber, and , or . to the ministers of the city prisons. A citizen, after payment of these fines, is exempted for years, but an alderman only for : no person, however, after being once drank to by the lord mayor, can be drank to again by any subsequent mayor, unless he becomes an alderman. Whoever serves is obliged to give a bond to the corporation of

Although many pay the forfeit rather than serve the office, yet it is sometimes contested for; in which case, the poll is held at , and adjourned from day to day, in the same manner as in elections for members of parliament.

The election of sheriffs takes place annually on Midsummer-day, and they come into office at Michaelmas, When chosen, they are sworn into office at , and days afterwards in the court of exchequer at Westminster-hall. The order of the procession upon this occasion is similar to that on presenting the lord mayor, with the exception of not walking round Westminster-hall, but going immediately to the court of exchequer, and being preceded by of the court of assistants of each of the companies


of which the sheriffs are members, who attend in their barges and are landed ; upon entering the court of exchequer, the recorder, sheriffs, and aldermen make obeisances to the cursitor baron, which he returns, the lord mayor keeping his hat on; Mr. recorder then presents the new sheriffs for his majesty's approbation, the lord mayor and junior sheriff standing at his right hand, and the senior at his left; his majesty's approbation is usually expressed in the following words:

I approve of the


sheriffs on the part of the crown.

The recorder then states to the court, that the sheriffs attend to account, and a warrant to this effect is read, and Mr. recorder moves that it may be recorded, which is granted. A warrant is in like manner read, to record the appearance of the late sheriffs to render their accounts, which upon motion is also recorded; the late sheriffs are then sworn by the cursitor baron to account, and a warrant of attorney is then read of the appointment of the under-sheriffs, who are sworn by the cursitor baron, to account, &c. which upon motion is also recorded; the tenants or occupiers of certain lands are then called, when the junior alderman present cuts a stick with a hatchet at strokes, which is held by of the officers of the court; the tenants and occupiers of a house called the forge, are then called, when the officer counts the horse-shoes and nails; being asked how many shoes, answers ; another officer then proclaims, a good number: he is then asked how many nails, and answers ; the other officer in like manner proclaims, a good number. The business being over, Mr. recorder invites the cursitor baron, in the name of the sheriffs, to dine with them; this ceremony being finished, the procession returns in the same manner as upon presenting the lord mayor.

The duties of the sheriffs are multifarious; they have to serve the king's writs of process; and, in this, are armed with such authority, that where the king is party, they may break open doors, or untile houses, in order to obtain admittance, if it be denied. It is also the sheriffs' duty to impannel or summon juries composed of men of

honest repute and of good ability, to consider of, and deliver their verdicts according to justice and the merits of the cause;

to attend the judges on all commissions of oyer and terminer, and gaol delivery; to levy and pay into the exchequer all fines to the crown; to raise the , or power of the county, in cases of riot, when every person called upon by the sheriff, above the age of , is subject to fine and imprisonment, if he refuses to comply with the summons; to attend on the lord mayor, on all state occasions, and to discharge the orders of the court of common council in all cases of petition to parliament, and of address, or even remonstrance to his majesty. The most painful part of the office of sheriff is that of seeing criminals executed; and in a metropolis so


large as London, it is a duty they are frequently called on to perform.

In the execution of writs and processes, summoning juries, &c. the sheriffs delegate their trust. In the city, this duty is performed secondaries, who purchase their appointments from the corporation, and are permanent under-sheriffs. In the county, in which department alone between and writs are annually issued, the sheriffs appoint their own deputy, or undersheriff, and have besides a considerable number of bailiffs, or officers, who give security to a large amount for the faithful discharge of their office.

If either of the sheriffs die, while in office, the survivor cannot act till another is chosen.

In all elections of members of parliament, either for the city of London or the county of Middlesex, the sheriffs, to whom the writs are directed, are the returning officers; they convene the voters, preside at the poll, and adjourn it from day to day as they deem expedient. Their power in this respect, however, does not extend to the city of .

Formerly, sheriffs were disqualified from being members of parliament; but this gave the crown a power which has sometimes been rendered subversive of liberty. The resistance made by sir Edward Coke, sir Robert Phillips, and sir Thomas Wentworth, to the arbitrary measures of Charles I., induced that monarch, previous to the new parliament of , to make them sheriffs of Buckinghamshire, Somersetshire, and Yorkshire, which at that time prevented them from sitting in parliament. Sir Edward Coke, however, still thwarted the crown; for, on being called upon to be sworn into office, he objected to the following part of the oath that was tendered to him:

you shall do all your pain and diligence to destroy, and make to cease, all manner of heresies and errors, commonly called


within your bailiwick from time to time, and assist all ordinaries and commissioners of the holy church, and favour and maintain them as you shall be rewarded.

In consequence of the refusal of sir Edward to take this oath, it was not only dispensed with at the time, but ever afterwards omitted in the swearing--in of sheriffs.

On the revolution of , the law which prevented sheriffs from sitting in parliament was modified, and by an act passed in the of William and Mary, it was declared, that sheriffs, mayors, and bailiffs of boroughs are only disqualified in their respective jurisdictions, as being returning officers. Thus, though a sheriff of London cannot represent London or Middlesex during the time he is in office, yet he may be elected for any other place.

The list of the sheriffs of London being carried no higher,

says Mr. Maitland,

by any author hitherto published, than the


of Richard I. in the year


, I shall supply that defect from a manuscript in the king's library, wherein the names of the said officers

are carried up to the time of king Edward the Confessor; but the years of their respective governments not being ascertained, the dates of such offices of this city are only recorded from the year


, as will appear by the following account of the said officers, taken from the most ancient record in the archives of


, intitled,

De Antiquis Legibus Liber

; by which I am not only enabled to rectify the mistakes and misnomers in Fabian, Arnold, and Stow, till the year


, but likewise the dates of the several governments, and spelling the names of the said officers, which the said authors have unwarrantably modernized.

A List of the Sheriffs of London.
00Geffrey de Magnum
00Hugh Bock
00Abericus de Vere
00Gilbert Beck, Peter Fitz Walter
00John Fitz Negelly, Ernulph Buchell
1188Hen. de Cornhell, Rich Reyner
1189John Herlisum, Roger le Duk
1190Will. de Havylle, J. Bokoynte
1191Nichole Duket, Peres Nevlum
1192Roger le Duc, Roger fil. Alani
1193Will. fil. Isabel, Will. fil. Aluf
1194Robert Besaul, Jukel Alderman
1195Godard de Antioche, Robert fil. Durant
1196Robert Blundul, Nichole Duket
1197Constantine fil. Aluf, Rob. de Bel
1198Arnaud fil. Aluf, Richard fil. Barthelmi
1199Roger de Desert, Jacob Alderman
1200Simon de Aldermanbir, Will. fil. Aliz
1201Normant le Blunt, John de Kai
1202Walt. le Brun. Will. Chaumberleyn
1203Tho. de Haville, Hamund Brand.
1204John Waleran, Rich. de Wincestrie
1205John Elylond, Edmund de la Halle
1206Serle Mercier, Henry de Sent Auban
1207Robt. de Wincestre, Will. Hardel
1208Thomas fil. Neel, Peres le Duc
1209Peres le Juneen, William Wite
1210Stephen Crassul, Adam Witeby
1211Goce fil. Peres, John Gerlande
1212Const. Unienis, Randulph Elyland
1213Martin fil. Aliz, Peter Bac
1214Salmon de Basing, Hugo de Basing
1215Andrew Nevelun, John Travers
1216Benet le Seynter, Will. Blundus
1217Randulph Elyland, Th.Bokerel
1218Goce le Pesur, John Viel
1219John Viel, Richard de Wimbledon
1220Richard Renger, Goce Juniens
1221Richard Renger, Thos. Lambert
1222Thomas Lambert Wm. Joyner
1223John Travers, Andrew Bokerel
1224Andrew Bokerel, John Travers
1225Roger le Duc, Martyn fil. William
1226Martyn fil. William, Roger le Duc
1227Henry de Cochin, Step. Bokerel
1228Step. Bokerel, Henry de Cochin
1229Rob. fil. John, Walter de Wencestre
1230John de Woburne, Richard fil. Walter
1231Walter de Bufle, Michel de Seynt Heleyne
1232Henry Edlmonton, Gerard Bat
1233Roger Blundus, Simon fil. Marie
1234Radulph Aswy, John Norman
1235Gerard Bat, Robert Hardel
1236Henry de Cochin, Jurdan de Coventre
1237J. de Walbroc, Gervase Chaumberleyne
1238John de Wilehale, John de Coudres
1239Remer de Bungeye, Radulph Aswy
1240Michel Tony, John de Gysors
1241John Viel, Thomas Dureme
1242Radulph Aswy, Thos. fil. John
1243Adam de Gyseburne, Hugo Blundul
1244Nichole Bat, Radulph de Arcubus
1245Nichole Bat, Rob. de Cornhull
1246Simon fil. Marie, Laurence de Frowick
1247William Viel, Nichole Bat
1248Nichole fil. Jocei, Galfred de Wincestre
1249John Tolesan, Radulph Hardel
1250Humf. de Faber, William fil. Richard
1251Nichole Bat, Laurence de Frowik
1252William de Dureme, Thomas de Winburne
1253Rd. Picard, John de Norhamton
1254Wm. Aswy, Henry Walemund
1255Mathias Bokerel, John le Minur
1256William Aswy, Richard Ewelle
1257Thomas fil. Thomas, Robert de Catelene
1258John Adrian, Rob. de Cornhull
1259Adam Browning, Henry de Coventre
1260Rd. Picard, John de Norhamton
1261Philip le Tailur, Rd. de Walebroc
1262Osbert de Suffolchia, Robert de Munpeylers
1623Gregori de Rokesle, Thomas de Forda
1264Edward Blund, Peter Aunger
1265Gregori de Rokesle, Simon Hadestok
1266John Adryan, Luke Badecot
1267Tho. Basynge, Rob. de Cornehyll
1268Willyam de Durham, Walter Henry
1269Willyam Haddystoke, Anketyll de Alverne
1270Walter Porter, John Taylour
1271Gregory Rokysle, Hy. Waleys
1272Rychard Parys, John Bedyll
1273Johan Horne, Walter Potter
1274Nich. Wynchester, H. Coventre
1275Lucas Patincourt, H. Frowyke
1276Johan Horne, Rauffe Blount
1277Robert Bracey. Rauffe Fenour
1278Johan Adryan, Walter Langley
1279Rob. Basyng, Wyllyam Mazarer
1280Thomas Box, Rauffe More
1281Wyll, Faryngdon, Nic. Wyn. chester
1282Wyll. Mazarer, Nic. Wynchester
1283Rauffe Blunt, Hawkyn Betnell
1284Jordan Goodchepe, Martyn Box
1285Steph. Cornehyll, Rob. Rokesby
1286Walter Blount, Johan Wade
1287Thos. Crosse, Willyam Hawteyn
1288Wyllyam Hereford, Th. Stanys
1289Wyll. Betayn, Johan of Canterbury
1290Fulke of St. Edmunde, Salamon Langforde
1291Thos. Romayn, Wyll. de Lyre
1292Rauffe Blount, Hamonde Boxe
1293Henry Bale, Elys Russell
1294Robert Rokesley, Martin Awbry
1295Henry Boxe, Richarde Glouceter
1296Johan Dunstable, Ad. Halyngbery
1297Thomas Suff, Adpm de Fulham
1298John de Stortforde, Willyam de Stortforde
1299Rich. Reffham, Thos. Seley
1300John Armenter, Henry de Fryngeryth
1301Luke Haverynge, Rd. Champeis
1302Robert Caller, Peter Bosham.
1303Hugh Pourt, Simon Parys
1304Wyllyam Combmartyn, Johan de Burfforde
1305Roger Parys, John Lyncolln
1306Raynold Doderell, Wm. Cansyn
1307Symon Bolet, Godfrey de la Conduyt
1308Nicholas Pygotte, Myghell Drury
1309Wyllyam Basynge, John Butler
1310James of St. Edmunde, Roger Palmer
1311Symon Scroppe, Peter Blacnay
1312Symon Merwode, Rych.Wylforde
1313John Lambyn, Adam Lutekyn
1314Adam Burden, Hugh Gayton
1315Stephan of Abyngdone, Hamonde Chykwell
1316Hamonde Goodchepe, Wyllyam Redynge
1317Wyllyam Caston, Rauffe Palmer
1318Johan Pryoure, Wm. Furneure
1319Johan Pontenay, John Dallynge
1320Symon Abyngdon, Johan Preston
1321Reynolde at Conduyt, Wyllyam Prodham
1322Rych. Constantyne, Rich. Hakeney
1323Johan Grantham, Rych. of Ely
1324Adam Salisbury, Johan of Oxynforde
1325Benet of Fulham, Johan Causton
1326Gylbert Moordon, Johan Cotton
1327Henry Darcy, Johan Hawteyne
1328Sym. Fraunces, Hen. Combmartyne
1329Rychard Lazar, Henry Gysors
1330Robert of Ely, Thos. Harworde
1331Johan Mockynge, Andrew Awbry
1332Nicholas Pyke, Johan Husband
1333Johan Hamonde, Wyll. Hansarde
1334Johan Kyngston, Walter Turke
1335Walter Mordon, Richard Upton
1336Wyllyam Brykelsworthe, Johan Northall
1337Walter Neale, Nycholas Crane
1338Wyll. Pountfreyt, Hugh Marbre
1339Wyll. Thorney, Roger Forsham
1340Adam Lucas, Bartho. Marres
1341Rd. Berkyng, Johan Rockyslec stalfe
1342Johan Luskyn, Rd. Kyslyngbury
1343Johan Stewarde, Johan Aleysham
1344Geffrey Wychyngham, Thomas Legge
1345Edm. Hempnall, Joh. Glouceter
1346Johan Croydon, Wyll. Clopton
1347Adam Bramson, Rd. Besyngstoke tyne
1348Henry Pycarde, Symond Dolsely
1349Adam Bury, Rauffe Lynne
1350Johan Notte, Wyll. Worcestre
1351Johan Wrothe, Gylbert Steyndrope
1352Johan Peche, Johan Stodeney
1353Johan Welde, Johan Lytell
1354William Totyngham, Rd. Smert
1355Thos. Forster, Thos. Brandon
1356Richard Notyngham, Thomas Dosell
1357Stephen Caundyshe, Bartylmewe Frestelyng
1358Johan Bernes, Johan Buryn
1359Symond de Benyngton, Johan Chychester
1360Johan Denys, Walter Borney
1361Wyllyam Holbech, James Tame
1362John of St. Albones, James Andrew
1363Richard Croydon, John Hyltoste
1364Johan of Mertforde, Symond de Mordon
1365Johan Bykylsworth, Johan Yrelande
1366Johan Warde, Wyllyam Dykman
1367Johan Tergolde, Wyll. Dykman
1368Ad. Wymbyngham, Rob. Gyrdeler Johan Parnasse
1369Johan Pyell, Hugh Holdyche
1370Wyllyam Walworth, Rob.Gayton
1371Robert Hatfelde, Robert Gayton
1372Johan Phylpott, Nycholas Brember
1373Johan Awbry, Johan Fysshyde
1374Rycharde Lyons, Wyll. Wodhouse
1375Johan Hadley, Wyll. Newporte
1376Johan Northamton, Rob. Launde
1377And. Pykman, Nich. Twyforde
1378Johan Boseman, Tho. Cornwaleys
1379Johan Heylesson, Wyllyam Baret
1380Walter Docet, Wyll. Knyghthode
1381Johan Rote, Johan Hynde
1382Johan Sely, Adam Bamme
1383Symond Winchcombe, John More
1384Nicholas Ereton, Johan Frensbe
1385John Organ, Johan Chyrcheman
1386Wyllyam Stondon, Wyll. More
1387Wyllyam Venour, Hughe For-
1341Rd. Berkyng, Johan Rockyslec stalfe
1388Thomas Austeyne, Adam Cathyll
1389Johan Walcot, Johan Loveney
1390Tho. Vyvent, Johan Fraunces
1391Johan Chadworth, Hen. Vamere
1392Gilb. Manfelde, Tho. Newyngtyn
1393Rich. Whyttington, Drew Baren-
1347Adam Bramson, Rd. Besyngstoke tyne
1394Wyll. Brampton, Tho. Knolles
1395Roger Elys, Johan Sheryngham
1396Thomas Wylforde, Wyll. Parker
1397Wyll. Askeham, Johan Wodecoke
1398Johan Wade, Johan Warner
1399Wyllyam Waldern, Wyll. Hyde
1400Wyll, Wakele, Wyllyam Eliot
1401Wyll. Venour, Will. Fremyngham
1402Rich. Marlowe, Rob. Chicheley
1403Thomas Fawkoner, Thos. Poll
1404Will. Lowste, Steph. Spylman
1405Henry Barton, Wyll. Crowner
1406Nych. Wotton, Godfrey Brooke
1407Hy. Pomfret, Hy. Hatton
1408Thomas Duke, Wyll. Norton
1409Johan Lawe, Wyll. Chychelcy
1410Johan Penne, Thomas Pyke
1411 Johan Raynewell, Wyll. Cotton
1412Rauf Levenhem, Wyll. Sevynok
1413Johan Sutton, Johan Micoll
1414Johan Mychell, Thomas Aleyn
1415Aleyn Everard, Th. Cambrydge
1416Rob. Wodtyngdon, Johan Coventre
1417Henry Rede, Johan Gedney
1418Johan Bryan, Rauffe Barton,
1419Rob. Whytingham, Johan Butler
1420Johan Boteler, Wyll. Weston
1421Rich. Gosselyn, Wyll. Weston
1422Wm. Estfelde, Rob. Tatersale
1423Nych. James, Tho. Wadeforde
1424Symon Seman, John Bywater
1425Wyll. Mylred, Johan Brokle
1426Johan Arnold, Johan Hygham
1427Henry Frowick, Robert Otley
1428Tho. Duffhouse, Rauffe Holand
1429Johan Ruffe, Rauffe Holand
1430Water Chertsey, Robt. Large
1431Johan Addyrlee, Step. Browne
1432Johan Olney, Johan Paddysley
1433Thomas Chalton, Johan Lynge
1434Thos. Bernwell, Simond Eyer
1485Thos. Catworth, Robt. Clopton
1436Thos. Morsted, Wyll. Gregory
1437Wyll. Chapman, Wyll. Halys
1438Hugh Dyke, Nicholas Yoo
1439Rob. Marchall, Phylyp Malpas
1440Johan Sutton, Wyll. Whetynhale
1441William Cumbys, Rich. Ryche
1442Thos. Beaumont, Rich. Nordon
1443Nych. Wyfforde, Johan Norman
1444Stephen Forster, Hugh Wyche
1445Johan Derby, Geffrey Feldyng
1446Robert Horne, Godfrey Boloyne
1447Wyll. Abraham, Thomas Scot
1448Wyll. Cantlow, Wyll. Marowe
1449Wyllyam Hulyn, Tho. Canynges
1450Johan Mydylton, Wylliam Dere
1451Math. Phylyp, Chrystofer Warton
1452Richard Lee, Richarde Alley
1453Johan Walden, Thomas Cooke
1454Johan Felde, Wyll. Taylonr
1455Johan Yonge, Thos. Oulgrave
1456Johan Steward, Raufe Verney
1457Wyll. Edward, Thomas Reyner
1458Raufe Joselyn, Rich. Nedeham
1459Johan Plummer, Wyll. Stocker
1460Rych. Hemynge, Johan Lambarde
1461Johan Looke, George Irelande
1462Will. Hampton, Bartylmew Jemys
1463Robert Basset, Thomas Muschamp
1464John Tate, Johan Stone
1465Sir Henry Wavyr, James Constantyne
1466Johan Brown, Hy. Bryce, Johan Stockton
1467Humffry Heyforde, Thos. Stalbroke
1468Wyll. Haryot, Symond de Smyth
1469Robert Drope, Rich. Gardyner
1470Johan Crosby, Johan Warde
1471Johan Alleyn, Johan Shelley
1472Johan Browne, Thos. Bledlow
1473Johan Stocker, Robt. Byllysdon
1474Edmond Shaa, Thomas Hylle
1475Hugh Bryce, Robert Colwych
1476Richard Rawson, Wyll. Home
1477Johan Stocker, Henry Colet
1478Robert Hardynge, Robert Byfelde
1479Thomas Ilam, Johan Warde
1480William Danyell, Wm. Bakon
1481Robert Tate, Wyllyam Wyking, Richarde Chawry
1482Wyll Whyte, Johan Mathewe
1483Thomas Norlond, Wyll. Martyn
1484Richard Chestir, Thos. Bretayn
1485Johan Tate, Johan Tate
1486Hugh Clopton, Johan Percyvall
1487Johan Fenkyll, Johan Remington
1488Wyllyam Isaak, Rauf Tilny
1489Wyllyam Capell, Johan Brooke
1490Henry Coote, Robert Revell, Hugh Pemberton
1491Thomas Wood, Wyll. Browne
1492William Purchase, Wyll. Walbek
1493Robert Fabyan, Johan Wyngar
1494Nycholas Alwyn, Johan Warner
1495Thos. Knesworth, Henry Somyr
1496Johan Shaa, Richarde Haddon
1497Bartholomew Reed, Thos.Wyndowght
1498Thos Bradbery, Steven Jenyns
1499James Wilforde, Rychard Brond
1500Johan Hawys, William Stede
1501Syr Laurence Aylemer, Henry Hede
1502Henry Keble, Nycholas Nynes
1503Chrystoffer Hawyss, Robert Wattes, Thomas Granger
1504Roger Achylly, Wm. Browne
1505Richard Shore, Roger Grove
1506Wyllyam Copynger, Tho. Johnson, Wm. Fitz-Wyllyams
1507William Butler, Johan Kirkby
1508Thomas Exmew, Rychard Smyth
1509George Monox, John Doget
1510John Milborne, John Rest
1511Nicholas Skelton, Tho. Mirfine
1512Robt. Aldarnes, Robt. Fenrother
1513John Dawes, John Bridges
1514James Yarford, John Monday
1515Henry Warley, Richard Grey, William Bailey
1516Thomas Seimer, John Thurston
1517Thos. Baldrie Raph Simondes
1518John Allen, James Spencer
1519John Wilkinson, Nicholas Patrich
1520Sir John Skevington, John Kyme
1521John Breton, Thomas Pargetor
1522John Rudstone, John Champneis
1523Michael English, Nich. Jenines
1524Raph Dodmer, William Roch
1525John Caunton, Christopher Askew
1526Stephen Peacocke, Nich. Lambert
1527John Hardy, William Holles
1528Raph Warren, John Long
1529Michael Dormer, Walter Champion
1530Will. Dauntsey, Richard Champion
1531Richard Gresham, Edw. Altham
1532Richard Reynoldes, Nicholas Pinchon, John Martin, John Priest
1533William Forman, Sir Thomas Kitson
1534Nicholas Levison, Will. Denham
1535Humfrey Munmoth, John Cootes
1536Robert Paget, William Boyer
1537Sir John Gresham, Thos. Lewen
1538Wyll. Welkenson, Nich. Gibson
1539John Feiry, Thomas Huntlow
1540Sir William Laxton, Martin Bowes
1541Rowland Hill, Henry Suckley
1542Henry Habberthorne, Hy. Amcotes
1543John Toleus, Richard Dobbes
1544John Wilford, Andrew Jude
1545George Barnes, Ralph Alley
1546Richard Jarveis, Thos. Curteis
1547Thomas White, Robert Charsey
1548Will. Locke, Sir John Ailife
1549Richard Turke, John Yorke
1550Augustine Hind, John Lyon
1551John Lamberd, John Cowper
1552William Gerard, John Maynard
1553Thomas Offley, William Huet
1554David Woodrofe, Will. Chester
1555Thomas Leigh, John Machil
1556William Harper, John White
1557Richard Malorie, James Aitham
1558John Halse, Richard Champion
1559Thomas Lodge, Roger Martin
1560Christopher Draper, Thos. Row
1561Alexander Avenon, Humphrey Baskerville
1562William Alin, Richard Chamberlaine
1563Edward Bankes, Rowland Heyward
1564Edward Jakeman, Leonel Ducket
1565John Rivers, James Hawes
1566Richard Lambert, Ambrose Nicholas
1567Thomas Ramsey, Will. Bond
1568John Oleph, Robert Harding, James Bacon
1569Henry Becher, William Dane
1570Francis Bernam, Wm. Box
1571Henry Miles, John Branch
1572Richard Pipe, Nicholas Woodrofe
1573James Harvie, Thomas Pullison
1574Thomas Blancke, Anthony Gamage
1575Edw. Osborne, Wolstane Dixie
1576Wm. Kimpton, George Barne
1577Nicholas Backhouse, Francis Bowyer
1578George Bond, Thomas Starkie
1579Martin Calthorp, John Hart
1580Ralph Woodcock, John Alate
1581Richard Martin, William Webbe
1582William Rowe, John Hayden
1583Wm. Masham, John Spencer
1584Stephen Slany, Henry Billingsley
1585Anthony Radclife, Hen. Parnell
1586Robert House, William Elkin
1587Thomas Skinner, John Ketcher
1588Hugh Ofley, Richard Saltenstall
1589Richard Gurney, Stephen Some
1590Nicholas Mosley, Robert Broke
1591William Rider, Benet Barnham
1592John Gerard, Robert Taylor
1593Paul Banning, Peter Hanton
1594Robert Lee, Thomas Benet
1595Thomas Low, Leonard Holiday
1596John Wattes, Richard Godard
1597Henry Rowe, John More
1598Edw. Holmeden, Rob. Hampson
1599Humphrey Weld, Roger Clarke
1600Robert Cambell, Thomas Smith
1601Henry Anderson, Wm. Glover
1602James Pemberton, John Swinnerton
1603Sir Wm. Rumney, sir Thomas Middleton
1604Sir Thomas Hayes, sir Roger Jones
1605Clement Scudamor, sir John Jolles
1606William Walthall, John Lemon
1607Geffrey Elwes, Nicholas Style
1608George Bolles, Rich. Farrington
1609Sebastion Harvey, William Cockaine
1610Richard Pyat, Francis Jones
1611Edw. Barkham, George Smithes
1612Edward Rotherham, Alexander Prescot
1613Thomas Bennet, Henry Jaye
1614Peter Proby, Martin Lumley
1615William Goare, John Goare
1616Allen Cotten, Cuthbert Hacket
1617Wm Holyday, Robert Johnson
1618Richard Hearne, Hugh Hamersley
1619Richard Deane, James Cambell
1620Edward Allen, Robert Ducie
1621George Whitmore, Nich. Rainton
1622John Hodges, Humfrey Hanford
1623Ralph Freeman, Thos. Moulson
1624Rowland Heilin, Robert Packhurst
1625Thomas Westway, Ellis Crispe, John Poole, Christopher Cletheroe
1626Edw. Bromfield, Richard Fenne
1627Maurice Abbot, Henry Garway
1628Rowland Backhouse, William Acton
1629Humfrey Smith, Edm. Wright
1630Arthur Abdy, Robert Cambell
1631Samuel Cranmer, Henry Prat
1632Hugh Perry, Henry Andrews
1633Gilbert Harrison, Rich. Gumey
1634John Highlord, John Cordall
1635Thomas Soame, John Gayer
1636Wm. Abell, Jacob Gerrard
1637Thomas Atkyn, Edward Rudge
1638Isaac Pennington, John Woollaston
1639Thomas Adams, John Warner
1640John Towse, Abrah. Reynardson
1641George Garret, George Clarke
1642John Langham, Thos. Andrews
1643John Fowke, James Bunce
1644Wm. Gibbs, Richard Chambers
1645John Kendrick, Thomas Foote
1646Thos. Cullum, Simon Edmonds
1647Samuel Avery, John Bide
1648Thomas Vyner, Rich. Browne
1649Chr. Pack, Rowld. Wilson, John Dethick
1650Robert Tichborne, Richard Chiverton
1651John Ireton, Andrew Ryccard
1652Stephen Eastwick, William Underwood
1653James Philips, Walter Big
1654Edmund Sleigh, Thos. Alleyn
1655Wm. Thompson, John Frederick
1656Tempest Milner, Nath. Temse
1657John Robinson, Thos. Chandler, Richard King
1658Anthony Bateman, John Lawrence
1659Francis Warner, William Love
1660William Bolton, William Peake
1661Francis Menhil, Samuel Starling
1662Sir Thomas Bludworth, sir Wm. Turner
1663Sir Rich, Ford, sir Rich. Rives
1664George Waterman, Charles Doe
1665Robert Hanson, Wm. Hooker
1666Sir Robert Vyner, sir Joseph Sheldon
1667Sir Dennis Gawden, Thomas Davies
1668John Froth, Francis Chaplin
1669John Smith, James Edwards
1670Dannet Forth, Wm. Gomeldon, Patience Ward
1671Jonat. Dawes, Robert Clayton, John Moore
1672Sir Wm. Pritchard, sir James Smith
1673Henry Tulse, Robert Jefferey
1674Sir Nathaniel Herne, John Lethieulier
1675Thomas Gold, John Shorter
1676John Peake, Thomas Stampe
1677Wm. Rawstone, Thomas Beckford
1678Richard How, John Chapman
1679Jonathan Raymond, Simon Lewis
1680Slingsby Bethell, Henry Cornish
1681Thos. Pilkington, Samuel Shute
1682Dudley North, Peter Rich
1683Peter Daniel, Samuel Dashwood
1684Wm. Gosling, Peter Vandepute
1685Benjamin Thorowgood, Thos. Kensey
1686Thos. Rawlinson, Thos. Fowles
1687Bazil Firebrace, John Parsons
1688Sir Humphry Edwin, John Fleet
1689Christ. Lethieulier, John Houblon
1690Edward Clarke, Francis Child
1691Wm. Ashhurst, Richard Levett
1692Thomas Lane, Thomas Cook
1693Thomas Abney, Wm. Hedges
1694John Sweetapple, Wm. Cole
1695Edw. Mills, Owen Buckingham
1696John Wolfe, Samuel Blewit
1697Bartholomew Gracedieu, James Collet
1698Wm. Gore, Joseph Smart
1699Charles Duncombe, Jeffry Jefferies
1700Robert Beachcroft, Hen. Furnece
1701Wm. Withers, Peter Floyer, James Bateman
1702Rob. Beddingfield, Sam. Garrard
1703Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Sir Joseph Wolfe
1704Sir John Buckworth, Sir William Humfries
1705Sir Charles Thorold, Sir Samuel Stanier
1706Sir William Benson, Sir Ambrose Crowley
1707Benjamin Green, Sir Charles Peers
1708Charles Hopton, Richard Guy
1709Sir Richard Hoare, Thomas Dunk
1710Sir George Thorold, Francis Eyles
1711John Cass, William Stewart
1712William Lewen, Sir Sam. Clarke
1713Francis Forbes, Joshua Sharpe
1714Robert Breedon, Sir Randolph Knipe
1715Sir John Ward, Sir John Fryer
1716Sir Gerard Conyers, Charles Cooke
1717Sir Peter Delme, Sir Harcourt Master
1718Sir John Bull, Sir Thomas Ambrose
1719Sir John Eyles, Sir John Tash
1720Sir George Caswell, Sir William Billers.
1721Sir George Mertins, Edward Becher
1722Humphrey Parsons, Fran. Child, esqrs.
1723Sir Richard Hopkins, Felix Feast, Edward Bellamy. esqrs.
1724Robert Baylis, Joshua Eyles, esqrs.
1725Francis Porten, Jeremiah Morden, John Thompson, esqrs
1726Sir John Lock, William Ogborne, esq.
1727Sir John Grosvenor, Thomas Lombe, esq.
1728Richard Brocas, Richard Levett, esqrs
1729Sir John Williams, John Barber, esq.
1730John Fuller, esq. Sir Isaac Shard
1731Samuel Russel, Thomas Pindar, esqrs
1732Robert Alsop, Henry Hankey, esqrs
1733Robert Wesley, Daniel Lambert, esqrs
1734Micajah Perry, John Slater, esqrs.
1735Sir John Barnard, Sir Robert Goodschall
1736Sir Will. Rous, Benj. Rawling, esq.
1737Sir George Champion, Thomas Russel, esq. Sir Rob. Kendall Carter
1738James Brooke, W. Westbrooke, esqrs.
1739George Heathcote, esq. Sir Jno. Lequesne
1740Henry Marshall, Rich. Hoare, esqrs.
1741Robert Willmot, Will. Smith, esqrs.
1742William Benn, Charles Eggleton, esqrs,
1743Sir Robert Ladbroke, Sir Will. Calvert
1744Walt. Bernard, esq. Sir Samuel Pennant
1745Jno. Blanchford, Fra. Cockayne, esqrs.
1746Thomas Winterbottom, Robert Alsop, esqrs.
1747Sir Crisp Gascoyne, Ed. Davies, esqrs.
1748Edw. Ironside, Tho. Rawlinson, esqrs.
1749William Whitaker, Step. Theodore Janssen, esqrs.
1750Wm. Alexander, Robert Scott, esqrs.
1751Slingsby Bethell, Marshe Dickinson, esqrs.
1752Sir Charles Asgill, Sir Richard Glyn
1753Sir Thomas Chitty, Sir Mat. Blakiston
1754Sir Samuel Fludyer, Sir John Torriano
1755Wm. Beckford, Ive Whitbread, esqrs.
1756Wm. Bridgen, Wm. Stephenson, esqrs.
1757Geo. Nelson, Fr. Gosling, esqrs.
1758Alex. Masters, J. Dandridge, esqrs.
1759George Errington, P. Vaillant, esqrs.
1760Sir Rob. Kite, Sir W. Hart
1761Sir Nath. Nash, Sir John Cartwright
1762Sir Thomas Challonor, Sir Hen. Banks
1763Hon. Thomas Harley, Richard Blunt, Samuel Turner, esqrs.
1764Sir Thos. Harris, Brass Crosby, esq.
1765Brackley Kennet, B. Charlwood, Barlow Trecothick, esqrs.
1766Sir R. Darling, Sir Jas. Esdaile
1767Rich. Peers, Will. Nash, esqrs.
1768Sir Thos. Halifax, John Shakespear, esq.
1769James Townsend, John Sawbridge, esqrs.
1770William Raker, Joseph Martin, esqrs.
1771John Wilkes, Fred. Bull, esqrs.
1772Richard Oliver, esq. Sir Watkin Lewes
1773Stephen Sayre, Wm. Lee, esqrs.
1774Wm. Plomer, John Hart, esqrs.
1775George Hayley, Nath. Newnham, esqrs.
1776Samuel Plumbe, Nath. Thomas, esqrs.
1777Rob. Peckham, Richard Clarke, esqrs.
1778John Burnell, Henry Kitchen, esqrs.
1779Tho. Wright, Evan Pugh, esqrs.
1780Thomas Sainsbury, Wm. Crichton, esqrs.
1781William Gill, Wm. Nicholson, esqrs.
1782Sir Rob. Taylor, knt. Benj. Cole, esq.
1783Wm. Pickitt, Thomas Skinner, esqrs.
1784John Hopkins, John Bates, John Boydell, esqrs.
1785Sir Jas. Sanderson, knt. Brook Watson, esq.
1786Paul Le Mesurier, Chas. Higgins, esqrs.
1787James Fenn, Matt. Bloxham, esqrs.
1788William Curtis, esq. Sir Benj. Hammatt, knt.
1789William Newman, Thos. Baker, esqrs.
1790Geo. Mackenzie Macauley, Ric. Carr Glyn, esqrs.
1791John Will. Anderson, Harvey Christian Combe, esqrs.
1792Alex. Brander, esq. sir Benjamin Tebbs, knt.
1793Peter Perchard, Chas. Hammerton, esqrs.
1794Sir John Earner, Sir Robert Burnett, knts.
1795Sir Ric Glode, knt. John Liptrap, esq.
1796Sir Steph. Langston, Sir Will. Staines, knts.
1797Sir William Herne, knt. Robert Williams, jun. esq.
1798Will. Champion, Peter Mellish, Chas. Price, esqrs.
1799Chas. Flower, John Blackwall, esqrs.
1800John Perring, Thomas Cadell, esqrs.
1801Sir Will. Rawlins, knt. Robert Albion Cox, esq.
1802Sir Rich. Welsh, Sir John Alexander, barts.
1803Jas. Shaw, esq. Sir Wm. Leighton, knt.
1804Geo. Scholey, Will. Domville,esqrs.
1805Jno. Ansley, Thos. Smith, esqrs.
1806Sir Jonathan Miles, Sir James Branscomb, knts.
1807Christ. Smith, esq. Sir Richard Phillips, knt.
1808Joshua Jonathan Smith, Claudius Stephen Hunter, esqrs.
1809Matthew Wood, John Atkins, Sir Turner Barnard, knt esqrs.
1810Sir Will. Plomer, knt. Samuel Goodbehere, esq.
1811Samuel Birch, Wm. Heygate, esqrs.
1812John Blades, Mich. Hoy, esqrs.
1813Christopher Magnay, Thomas Coxhead Marsh, esqrs.
1814Joseph Leigh, John Reay, esqrs.
1788William Curtis, esq. Sir Benj. Hammatt, knt.
1815Sir Thos. Bell, knt. John Thos. Thorpe, esq.
1789William Newman, Thos. Baker, esqrs.
1816George Bridges, Robert Kirby, esqrs.
1817Francis Desanges, esq. Sir Geo. Alderson, knt.
1818Thomas Roberts, Lawrence Gwynne, LL.D. esqrs.
1819Richard Rothwell, Joseph Wilfred Parkins, esqrs.
1820Robert Waithman, James Williams, esqrs.
1821John Garratt, Wm. Venables, esqrs.
1822Matthias Prime Lucas, William Thompson, esqrs.
1823Sir Peter Laurie, knt. George Byrom Whittaker, esq.
1824Anth. Brown, John Key, esqrs.
1825John Crowder, Thomas Kelly esqrs.
1826Chas. Farebrother, Henry Winchester, esqrs.
1827Andrew Spottiswoode, Char Stable, esqrs.



[] Fitz-Stephen's Description of London.

[] Pamphlet before quoted, p 110.

[] Maitland's London, vol. ii. p. 1202.

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 Title Page
 CHAPTER I: History of London, from the Accession of William and Mary, to the reign of George the Second
 CHAPTER II: History of London during the reign of George the Second
 CHAPTER III: History of London from the Accession of George the Third, to the year 1780
 CHAPTER IV: History of London continued to the Union
 CHAPTER V: History of London from the Union to the Jubilee, 1809
 CHAPTER VI: History of London from the Jubilee to the Peace of 1814
 CHAPTER VII: History of London continued to the accession of George the Fourth
 CHAPTER VIII: Account of the Civil Government of the City by Portreves, Bailiffs, and Mayors, with a list of the latter...
 CHAPTER IX: An account of the Aldermen and Sheriffs, with a list of the latter
CHAPTER X: Lists and brief Accounts of the various Officers and Courts within the City
CHAPTER XI: Some account of the Ecclesiastical Government of the city of London, with a List and Biographical Notices of the Bishops of the see
CHAPTER XII: Some Account of the Military Government of London, and the Artillery Company
CHAPTER XIII: An Account of the twelve principal Companies of the City of London
CHAPTER XIV: An Account of the Companies of the City of London, alphabetically arranged
 CHAPTER XV: An Account of the River Thames
CHAPTER XVI: Historical and topographical account of London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Southwark Bridge, and the Thames Tunnel
CHAPTER XVII: Topographical and Historical Account of the Tower of London