The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 2

Allen, Thomas


Blacksmiths. 40.

The Names of the Company of Blacke Smythes from the Record in the Chapter House.

Henry RomynsMorys Casyn Richard BordesRichard Proffall Thomas WeymanJames Sandell Rogier HeycokesWillm. Rogiers Symond GoldsmytheHenry Legate John A. MantonCuthbert Store John BrownWillm. Gaulford Willm. SmytheJohn Dawe John SmytheJohn Aleyn Oswald DokwrayWillm. Hampton Edward PrestonWillm. Hart Thomas ButtlerRobert Baker Willm. Ward


. Sa. a chevron , between hammers ar, handled of the , ducally crowned of the last. . A mount , thereon a phoenix with wings indorsed , firing herself with the sun-beams of the last. .

By hammer and hand all arts do stand.

The company of blacksmiths was anciently a guild, or fraternity, by prescription, in which state it continued till the reign of queen Elizabeth, in the year , when they obtained a charter of incorporation, by the name of

The keepers or wardens and society of the art and mystery de les blacksmiths, of London;

which was confirmed by king James I., in the year of his reign.

This company has a livery, and is governed by a master, wardens, and assistants. Since the company has abandoned the hall on , the business of it is transacted at Cutler's-hall.


[] Confirmed June 24, 1610.

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 CHAPTER I: History of London, from the Accession of William and Mary, to the reign of George the Second
 CHAPTER II: History of London during the reign of George the Second
 CHAPTER III: History of London from the Accession of George the Third, to the year 1780
 CHAPTER IV: History of London continued to the Union
 CHAPTER V: History of London from the Union to the Jubilee, 1809
 CHAPTER VI: History of London from the Jubilee to the Peace of 1814
 CHAPTER VII: History of London continued to the accession of George the Fourth
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CHAPTER XI: Some account of the Ecclesiastical Government of the city of London, with a List and Biographical Notices of the Bishops of the see
CHAPTER XII: Some Account of the Military Government of London, and the Artillery Company
CHAPTER XIII: An Account of the twelve principal Companies of the City of London
CHAPTER XIV: An Account of the Companies of the City of London, alphabetically arranged
 CHAPTER XV: An Account of the River Thames
CHAPTER XVI: Historical and topographical account of London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Southwark Bridge, and the Thames Tunnel
CHAPTER XVII: Topographical and Historical Account of the Tower of London