The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent, vol. 2

Allen, Thomas



The names of the Company of Salters from the Record in the Chapter House.

Thomas CheneyThomas Bacon Willm. SpencerRichard Doe Nicholas WaryngJohn Browne John DonyngtonRichard Walles Willm. CocksJohn Scott Willm. LittonNicholas Clerk John SampsonWillm. Gurd Richard RedeWillm. Parker Robert ColwellHumfrey Beche John Cocks.Richard Denbold Richard BrockRobt. Pecock Thomas KyrryThomas Lytton Thomas DechefeldJohn Howland Thomas BeckwithRichard Wyther John GosseRobt. Wyer Willm. MelsonRobt. Cocks John GarrettThomas Horner Anthony HamcherJohn Fflecher Lawrence WitherWillm. Stevyns George PergetorWillm. Webster

The benevolent distributions made by this company, are stated to amount to between seven and eight hundred pounds annually. This sum is partly appropriated to the support of six alms-houses, for as many decayed freemen, in Salters'-rents, Bow-lane; and twelve alms-houses in Monkwell-street, for widows and daughters of salters; the latter were originally founded by sir Ambrose Nicholas, an alderman of London, in the year 1578.

In the court room, framed and glazed, is the following curious bill of fare, for fifty people of the company of Salters, A. D. 1506. Thirty-six chickens045 One swan and four geese070 Nine rabbits014 Two rumps of beef-tails002 Six quails016 2 oz. pepper002 2 oz. cloves and mace004 1 1/2 ounce saffron006 31bs sugar008 21bs. raisins004 1lb. dates004 l 1/2lb. comfits002 Half hund. eggs002 1/2 Four gallons of curds004 One do. gooseberries002 Bread011 One kilderkin of ale023 Herbs010 Two dishes of butter004 Four breasts of veal015 Bacon006 Quar. load of coals004 Faggots002 3 1/2 gallons of Gascoigne wine024 One bottle Muscovadine008 Cherries and tarts008 Verjuice and vinegar002 Paid the cook034 Perfume002 One bushel and a half of meal008 Water003 Garnishing the vessels003 1132 1/2



The of this company are per chevron, and covered salts,


or. sprinkling, . A cubi arm erect, issuing from clouds, all ; holding a covered salt, or, sprinkling salt, ar. . otters bezantee, ducally collared and chained .

This company, though of considerable antiquity, as appears from a grant of a livery made to it by Richard II. in the year , was regularly incorporated by queen Elizabeth, in the year , under the appellation of

the master, wardens, and commonalty, of the art, or mystery, of salters, of London.

The members are,

usually termed dry-salters, and deal in logwood, cochineal, pot-ashes, and in short, in almost every chemical preparation.

They are governed by a master, wardens, and a court of assistants.

The ancient hall of this company, which stood in , was destroyed by fire in the year , as was also the re-edified building, in the conflagration of . The present Salter's-hall, an elegant structure, stands in .


[] The arms were granted in the 20th year of Henry VIII. by Thomas Benolt, Clarencieux, the crest and supporters by Robert Cooke, Clarencieux, in 1587. The whole confirmed 1634.

[] Mal. Lond. Red. vol. iv. p. 623.

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