Farringdon Without History of the Most Interesting Places, Leading Events; and Some Account of the Eminent Men connected therewith, since the year 1600

Francis, Adolphus Decimus


Child's Place

Was situated the celebrated "Devil's Tavern," with its unique sign of St. Dunstan pulling the Devil's nose; the tavern is, I believe turned into Child's banking house, but the sign is still shown on the premises. The story goes that St. Dunstan, who derives his name from the Saxon words dun, high; stane, a stone-born A.D. 924, was a famous worker in iron and brass. A protean devil, in the shape and form of a beautiful woman, appeared to him whilst he was at work making some iron trinkets, and Dunstan, being irritated at the intrusion and temptation offered him, plucked his tongs, glowing hot from the fire, seized the Devil by the nose, and kept him there some time roaring with agony. In