Farringdon Without History of the Most Interesting Places, Leading Events; and Some Account of the Eminent Men connected therewith, since the year 1600

Francis, Adolphus Decimus


St. Bride's Church Yard

Lodged John Milton, "the lady of Christ's College," as he was called at Cambridge, from his handsome face. The charm of his "Comus," "L'Allegro," and " I Penseroso," their poetic diction and their chaste imagery, were sufficient to immortalize his name; but the grandeur of his intellect soared to the highest flights of genius, in producing "Paradise Lost," and "Paradise Regained ;" and these mighty works have stamped his fame, and sown broad cast the glories of English literature throughout the civilized globe. In Bride Lane stands the Cogers' Hall, where Curran fledged his matchless eloquence, and O'Connell spell-bound his auditors with wondrous oratory.