Farringdon Without History of the Most Interesting Places, Leading Events; and Some Account of the Eminent Men connected therewith, since the year 1600

Francis, Adolphus Decimus


Snow Hill

, Formerly Snore Hill, has well-nigh disappeared beneath the improvements daily progressing in this locality. It is well to note that in Angel Court was opened, in , the first mint for the issue of farthing and halfpenny coins, which were composed of hardened tin. In the same house was subsequently carried on the business of the Hand-inHand Insurance Office, one of the earliest establishments of the kind founded in England.

John Bunyan died on Snow Hill--by turns, tinker, soldier, and preacher, he was for doing his master's businesspreaching to a congregation of Baptists at Bedford, thrown into prison, where he lay twelve years; here he composed the finest and most popular allegory, " The Pilgrim's Progress," that adorns our tongue. It may be incidentally noted, that although Bunyan was a self-educated man,


this work contains, next to the Bible, more pure Saxon words than any book written in English. At No. 41 lived William Godwin, bookseller, and author of "Caleb Williams."