High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.


For the past generation, campus tours have been a regular part of Orientation Week in September. Sponsored by the Tufts Alumni Council, each tour is led by an alumnus or alumna accompanied by a Tufts student. Thousands of students, parents, staff and visitors have enjoyed these tours. This booklet,
High on the Hill
, is your guide as you tour the Medford-Somerville campus.
This is the fourth edition of the guide, which was previously called Traditions at Tufts. We wish to express appreciation to all who have helped develop this booklet over the years, in particular to Professor Robert L. Nichols, A26, H78, who originated the idea of the Traditions Tours. Marjorie Gott Manning, J40, wrote and directed the production of the first three editions of this guide. She and Professor Nichols, together with Professor Russell L. Carpenter, A24, H77, Professor Earle F. Littleton, E31 and Alumni Secretary Fred P. Nickless, Jr., A44, G49, have provided continuing support to this enterprise.
Those interested in Tufts University - Then and Now - should be aware of the University Archives located on the third floor of Wessell Library. They are supervised by Professor Russell E. Miller, Chairman, Department of History, who is also the university historian and archivist, and Mrs. Barbara J. Burke, Archival Specialist. They provide ready access to Tufts' rich heritage of organized records and files. Among its riches are the more than 20,000 photographs taken by Professor Melvin S. Munro E04 (1881-1945) and the illustrated notebooks assembled by Professor Edwin B. Rollins, E01 (1878-).
This new edition of Tufts Tour Guide to the Medford-Somerville campus was undertaken by Linda J. Dixon, J63 while she chaired the Tradition Committee of the Alumni Council. Her enthusiasm, drive and digestive capacity have produced High on the Hill. She was obliged to cope with no small amounts of historical material collected, checked, and fed to her by the undersigned. Katherine E. Dempster, S66, G68, prepared copy for the printer. Ronald J. Milauskas, E62, G66, coordinated the production of the booklet, including the challenging task of selecting a handful of photographs from many thousands of fascinating possibilities.
Robert R Robbins, F35,
for the Traditions Committee, Tufts Alumni Council