High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.


East Wall Murals by Nathaniel J. Jacobson
1. Thomas A. Goddard (1811-1868)
2. Silvanus Packard (1789-1866), Trustee of Tufts College, 1852-1861
3. Oliver Dean (1783-1871)
4. Hannah Robinson Tufts (1795-1878)
5. Charles Tufts (1781-1876)
6. The Reverend Thomas J. Sawyer (1804-1899)
7. Group of the College Edifice construction workers
1. Group of students
2. Professor Jerome Schneider (1824-1909)
3. Hosea Ballou 2d (1796-1861), first President of Tufts College, 1853-1861
4. Professor John P. Marshall (1823-1901)
5. Professor Alpheus A. Keen (1824-1864)
6. Professor Benjamin F. Tweed (1811-1896)
7. Phineas T. Barnum (1810-1891) and Jumbo-left of door
Allegorical figure of "Light" carrying the shield of the college
ALCOVE - Right
View of the Mystic River in the mid-nineteenth century
West Wall Murals by Matthew W. Boyhan
Student figures - Jumbo - John Hancock Building - State Capitol
Alumnae figures - an unnamed, representative group
Tea Pourers: 1. Myra L. Herrick, J41,H58, President, Association of Tufts Alumnae 1954-1956; Dean of Jackson College 1959-1967. 2. Marian S. Wessell, wife of Dr. Nils Y. Wessell, President of Tufts College/Uni- versity 1953-1966
1. Ruth Capen Farmer, W02 (1879-1921), a Founder of the Association of Tufts Alumnae, for whom this lounge was named
2. Caroline S. Davies (1864-1939), first Dean of Jackson College 1910- 1925
3. Crosby F. Baker, A10 (1887-1954), former Chairman, Chemistry Department
4. John A. Cousens, Arts Class of 1898 (1874-1937), President of Tufts College 1919-1937
5. Austin B. Fletcher, Arts Class of 1876, H1899 (1852-1923), Trustee and principal benefactor of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
6. Frederick C. Hodgdon, Arts Class of 1894 (1873-1946), Trustee and benefactor
7. Lee S. McCollester, Arts Class of 1881, Religion 84, H99 (1859-1943), Chaplain and Dean of Crane Theological School 1912-1933
8. William L. Hooper, Arts Class of 1877 (1855-1918), Acting President 1912-1914; former Chairman, Electrical Engineering Department
9. Leo R. Lewis, Arts Class of 1887, H22 (1864-1945), Professor of Music and composer of the "Alma Mater"
1. Leonard Carmichael, A21, H37 (1899-1973), President of Tufts College 1938-1952; distinguished alumnus, Life Trustee
2. Vannevar Bush, E13, G13, H32 (1890-1974), distinguished graduate, Trustee, and devoted friend
3. Edith L. Bush, W03, H42 (1882-1977), Dean of Jackson College, 1925-1952
Student figures representing college activities
1. Mary Patricia Jameson, J55, President, Student Council, Jackson College, 1954-1955
2. Katharine R. Jeffers (1907-1959), Dean of Jackson College, 1952-1959
3. Military group representing Navy, Marine, Air Force ROTC units
4. Student figures
5. Titus E. Mergendahl, E07 (1885-1964), Professor of Mathematics
6. John Holmes, A29, H62 (1904-1962), Professor of English, Tufts poet
1. Arthur J. Anderson, E12, H43 (1884-1964), Chairman of the Board of Trustees 1949-1964
2. Nils Y. Wessell, H66, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, 1939-1953; Vice President 1951-1953; President of the College/University 1953-1966
3. Clarence P. Houston, A14, H52 (1891-1965), Braker Professor of Commercial Law, 1926-1957; Coach, Director of Athletics, Chairman Department of Physical Education, 1919-1946; Vice President for Development and Director, Second Century Fund Drive, 1954-1957
4. Robert W. Hill, A04, H64 (1882-1966), Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, 1946-1952; organizer of Tufts College Alumni Association in 1934
5. George S. Miller, "Mr. Tufts," A06, G06, H41 (1884-1971), member of the Administration, 1916-1956; Acting President, 1937-1938; Vice President, 1938-1951; Dean of Administration, 1951-1956
6. John P. Tilton (1900-1959), Dean, Graduate School, 1943-1953; Provost, 1951-1959; Senior Vice President, 1953-1959
7. Etta Phillips MacPhie, W93, H76 (1891-1978), first woman life member, Board of Trustees, 1952-1978
8. (holding map) Donald Walker Perkins, A55, President, Tufts Student Council, 1954-1955
RIGHT OF CENTRAL GROUP - small figures
1. Leonard C. Mead, H67, Professor of Psychology, 1949-1979, Emeritus 1979-; Dean, Graduate School, 1953-1959; Senior Vice President and Provost, 1959-1968; Acting President, 1966-1967
2. Benjamin B. Hersey, A35, C35, H44 (1904-1971), Dean, Crane Theological School, 1954-1968
3. Clifton W. Emery, Jr., A40, Dean of Men, 1954-1962
4. Robert B. Stewart, F'37, Dean,The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 1945-1964; Professor of International Law and Diplomacy, 1945-1974; Emeritus 1974-
5. Charles E. Stearns, A'39, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, 1954-1969; Acting Provost, 1966-1967; Professor of Geology, 1957-
6. Richard A. Kelley, A37, G38, Dean, College of Special Studies, 1954-1969; Special Assistant to the President, 1977-
1. Ann Tedesco, J56, President, Jackson College Student Council, 1955-1956
2. Cora Polk Dewick, W Class of 1896, H44, H52 (1875-1977), a leading feminine pioneer at Tufts; first woman elected member of the Board of Trustees, 1920
3. Bella Porter Ransom, W07 (1885-1970), devoted alumna for whom the Lecture Room, No. 15 downstairs is named.
4. Harry Poole Burden, H53 (1890-1972), Dean, College of Engineering, 1936-1957
5. William R. Ransom, Arts Class of 1898, H62 (1876-1973), Professor of Mathematics at Tufts, 1900-1952; for some years he also taught courses in geology and astronomy
6. (holding back drapery) Gene Arlan Ward, A56, President, Tufts Student Council, 1955-1956