High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.


On the wall of the central foyer at the entrance to Ballou Hall are two small portraits, gifts from the Tufts Alumni Council, 1940:
1795 Hannah Robinson Tufts 1878
1781 Charles Tufts 1876
Painted in 1839 by Sylvester Harrington (1811-1893)
Portraits of Charles and Hannah Tufts also hang over the right and left mantle, respectively, in the Coolidge Room. On the walls of the spacious Coolidge Room are the portraits of the men who have served as president of Tufts University. Moving around the room from right to left as you enter, the first painting is
Burton C. Hallowell
Ninth President of Tufts University 1967-1976
The next painting, hanging above the standup desk, is
The Reverend Hosea Ballou 2d (1796-1861)
First President of Tufts College 1856-1861
and in the following sequence:
Nils Yngve Wessell
Eighth President of Tufts College 1953-1955
First President of Tufts University 1955-1966
Leonard Carmichael
President of Tufts College 1938-1952
The Reverend Alonzo Ames Miner
Second President of Tufts College 1862-1875
Hermon Carey Bumpus
President of Tufts College 1914-1919
The Reverend Frederick William Hamilton
President of Tufts College 1905-1913
William Leslie Hooper
Acting President of Tufts College 1912-1914
John Albert Cousens
President of Tufts College 1920-1937
George Stewart Miller
Acting President of Tufts College 1937-1938
Leonard Chapin Mead
Acting President of Tufts University 1966-1967
Elmer Hewitt Capen
President of Tufts College 1875-1905
Missing from this collection of portraits of Tufts presidents is one of John Potter Marshall, an original member of the Tufts faculty who first held the title of professor of mathematics and natural sciences and who served the college until his retirement in 1898. After President Ballou's death he served as acting president of Tufts College 1861-62. Missing also is the portrait of our current president, Dr. Jean Mayer. This portrait in due course will find its place among the others.