High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.





The house on the right corner of Packard Avenue and Professors Row was built in 1894 for Professor Charles Ernest Fay of the Class of 1868, G1872, H1900, H28. Professor Fay taught at Tufts for 60 long years. One of the eminent alpine mountaineers of his time, he was a founder of the Appalachian Mountain Club and both the American and Canadian Alpine clubs. He was knighted by the Prince of Monaco for his many first ascents in the Canadian Rockies, and the Canadian government named two mountains for him: Mount Fay and Mount Afton, where the "A" stands for his friend Abbott, the "F" for Fay, and the "ton" for his friend Thompson. These three had made the first ascent of Mount Afton. Dr. Fay received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Tufts in 1928.

The house on the left hand corner of the intersection was built by ship's carpenters from Medford. It is now the home of Kappa Charge of Zeta Psi, founded in 1855, the oldest fraternity on the Hill.