High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.


Tufts has always been a special place for me since it was here that I


Allan D. Callow
had the opportunity to participate in a host of exciting, challenging and stimulating experiences. There was an ambiance about the Tufts I remember which if romanticized is not unlike that of Camelot. Permeating the campus was an atmosphere of civility and friendship. Against this background of mutual trust, commonality of purpose, and desire for excellence, the activities of the university and the aspirations of the members of the college community, students and faculty alike, took place. Today a university campus is less isolated from the affairs of the community at large and the world than was the case a generation ago. As entering freshmen you may quickly perceive commitments among your colleagues to many issues above and beyond the academic, social and athletic activities of the college.
Despite these changing times and the multiplicity of human concerns, Tufts has characteristics of its own which set it apart from other universities. You and your classmates, coming from different backgrounds, and with different values and objectives, will react to Tufts in different ways, but react to it you will. This booklet,
High on the Hill
, will help you to understand Tufts better, its facts, fictions and legends, and the events, personalities and traditions which have shaped its growth. It may provide you with a seed of love for Tufts — a place and an experience which countless thousands of students have come to know and to nourish.
I know you will enjoy this booklet. May you find your place at Tufts and as the years slip by, all too quickly, may you, too, come to cherish Tufts as a very special place. On behalf of the board of trustees, may I extend to each of you our warmest welcome and our best wishes for your success.
Allan D. Callow, M.D.