High on the Hill

Dixon, Linda J.





Tufts has changed dramatically since its founding in 1852. Today the

aggregate enrollment of Tufts University is about 6,500. There are some 700 full-time faculty members and hundreds more on a part-time basis. Yet Tufts has made a highly successful commitment to preserve its small college atmosphere - to increase the quality of its educational offerings while remaining relatively small in total student enrollment. Tufts has become one of the strong and widely-known universities in the country.

Tufts alumni throughout the world now number some fifty thousand. Added to these sons and daughters of Tufts are the members of

the present student body and the oncoming generations of young people who will receive higher education on this Hill. Collectively they inherit the responsibility of insuring that Tufts endures in the fulfillment of its mission. That mission is proclaimed on the seal of your university.