The Centennial History of Tufts College, 1952

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A Centennial View...YESTERDAY and TODAY at Tufts College
A Century of Enlightenment"
As a leader in campus activities and as an honor student while an undergraduate at Tufts, Leonard Carmichael indicated the leadership and

Leonard Carmichael, President of the College
brilliance that have marked his career. After completing his graduate work at Harvard he was a successful scientific investigator and teacher at Princeton and Brown, and an equally successful Dean at the University of Rochester.
As President of Tufts since 1938 he has guided the College through the difficult years of World War II, and the period of adjustment in the postwar period. During his presidency the College has increased its physical equipment, its endowment and its academic prestige.
He is a recognized leader in higher education and has served as an officer in many national scientific and educational organizations. Membership in many important national and state commissions indicates the extent of his ability and interest. He renders service to Tufts, to education, to the Commonwealth and to the United States.
Throughout his career he has continued research and scholarly work in his chosen field of physiological psychology. His ability in psychology is attested by his books and articles, by the fact that he is a past president of the American Psychological Association, and by his membership in the National Academy of Sciences.
Modest, unassuming, versatile, he makes friends for Tufts and enhances its reputation.
George S. Miller