The Centennial History of Tufts College, 1952

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Athletic Teams and the Amateur Spirit

Athletic Teams and the Amateur Spirit


Tufts sports too have a history that goes

back almost to the period of the fifties. The first Tufts baseball team was organized in 1863, the first football team in 1873. In the early 1870's Harvard still played so-called Boston football. Tufts took up the new American game of modified rugby and in June 1875 beat Harvard by a score of 6 to 0. This was Harvard's first game with an American college under the new rules and was prior to the first Harvard-Yale game. The first intercollegiate football game ever played by Bowdoin and by Amherst College was also


with Tufts. Series of football games with all the other older colleges of New England date back to the infancy of the game. One of Yale's earliest games was with Tufts.

Today Tufts is known throughout the country as a college in which the "amateur spirit" in sports is ardently supported. Intramural and intercollegiate varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams give an opportunity for team play to all interested Tufts and Jackson students. Today Tufts ordinarily has varsity and also often junior varsity and freshman teams in football, baseball, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, wrestling, hockey, swimming, soccer, cross country, lacrosse, golf, tennis, squash, fencing, boxing and sailing.