The Centennial History of Tufts College, 1952

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Outstanding Donors to Tufts

Outstanding Donors to Tufts


Many other distinguished faculty members and graduates of the college could be mentioned. Some have become state governors, two have been members of the Cabinet

of the President of the United States. Tufts has also produced judges, doctors, lawyers, clergymen, educators, scientists, engineers, great businessmen, admirals and generals.


It is not inappropriate, however, to single out for special notice at this time some who have given the college its financial strength during its first century. Heading this list is the name of Austin B. Fletcher, '76, a member of the bar in New York City and a successful businessman. He left the college almost his entire estate of more than $3,000,000. Part of this gift was used to establish the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts College, which has served the nation well
and brought honor and distinction all over the world to the name of its principal benefactor. This school is in certain respects jointly administered by Harvard.

Among many other names associated with generous gifts to the endowment or buildings of the college besides those already noted may be mentioned George G. Averill, William Bingham 92nd, Eugene B. Bowen, Sylvester Bowman, Henry W. Bragg, Henry J. Braker, Earle P. Charlton, William E. and Marion L. Chenery, William L. Clayton, Edward E. Cohen, Thomas Crane, The Charles Hayden Foundation, the Godfrey M. Hyams Trust, Henry C. Jackson, John D. W. Joy, Eugene M. Niles, the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation, Harry and Hannah Z. Posner and Sumner Robinson.

Tufts students now come from most of the states of the union. In this centennial year there are eighty-eight students from forty-five foreign countries registered at Tufts.