Walter B. Wriston '41

Smith, Nancy


On New York City


My home is in New York City. I have a farm in Connecticut, but I never was a commuter and I never will be. I don't like the pressure of the train and I love to walk to work. Where you live is a technical term; your home is a connection of the heart.

The great thing about New York is that it's a magnet for talent. It's the communications center of the world. We have 20 universities, half a dozen great medical centers, theaters, museums, all those inventive people on Madison Avenue.

You meet people who are smarter than you every day, and you respond to the stimulus. I would argue that no great idea was ever conceived in the country, that all the great ideas came out of urban settings. Socrates, Plato, Newton, everybody, because all that intellectual horsepower in the city is exciting. Therefore, I have never believed it made sense for corporate headquarters to move out into the woods.

  • This document was created from the article, "Walter B. Wriston '41," written by Nancy Smith for the Fall 1985 edition of the "Wesleyan: The Wesleyan University Alumnus." The original article is located in MS134.003.025.00007.
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