Walter B. Wriston '41

Smith, Nancy


On Arrogance


I think that image arises because we [Citicorp] challenge conventional wisdom, we challenge the way we did things yesterday, we challenge the very description of what it is we do.

A lot of our folks take strong positions. You are innovative if the press corps likes you and you are arrogant if they don't. And the word gets imbedded in the data banks of the newspapers.

Machiavelli wrote in that the innovator is always a man without friends. The person who would advance new ideas has for his enemies anyone who has a vested interest in the status quo, and has only the lukewarm support of the few who think he might be right. (That's an accurate assessment, not an accurate quote.)

  • This document was created from the article, "Walter B. Wriston '41," written by Nancy Smith for the Fall 1985 edition of the "Wesleyan: The Wesleyan University Alumnus." The original article is located in MS134.003.025.00007.
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