Problems of a Great City

White, Arnold




A. Numbers and proportions per cent. of persons married who were not of full age in West and East London in the year ; and of those married in the the Great in in and :-

DistrictsMarriagesNot of Full Age Percentage of Married not of full Age 
 St. George, Hanover Square ...1421221471'5510'34
Bethnal Green258738092614'6935'79
Group of West Districts64902498913'8413'73
Group of East Districts6945660194259'027'96
Church of St. James the Great in Bethnal Green 18846477016910'826'1
Church of St. James the Great in Bethnal Green 18856267518512'029'4

B. Annual Birth and Death rates inSt. George,Hanover Square, andBethnal Green, in ten Years1871-80, and in1885:--
Districts>Annual Birth Rate. Annual Death Rate 
 Ten Years (1871-80)1885Ten Years (1871-80)1885
 St. George, Hanover Square24'2420'0220'2820'09
Bethnal Green41'7539'9323'8721'65

Note.-The death-rates in these Districts are not corrected for deaths in Public Institutions.

Italy. France. Germany. England&Wales Austria Hungary 
18821,061,09479,643935,56671,3051,702,348156,526889,014 43,155957,180130,620612,06249,631
1883--------858,832Excluding Croatia and Slavonia.124,141-- 


Total Number of Marriage (1882)224041281,060174,169217,239183,378
Marriages of Males under 20 years(1882)2,5956,9015,093226-
Marriages of Males under 24 years(1882)----41,490
Total Number of Marriages(1883)---220,748176,016
Marriages of Males under 20 Years(1883)---156-
Marriages of Males under 24 Years(1883)----34,997


C. In 14,818 men married under age in England, and 74,004 at the age of 21.

The practice of marriage by men under age has increased since from 4.38 per 100 to 7'25 in .

In , out of 2,587 marriages celebrated in the parish of (area 755 acres, population 126,961), 380 were men not of full age.

During the same period in the parish of (1,943 acres, 149,748 population), 1,421 marriages were celebrated, out of which 22 men were not of full age, that is to say the marriages of men under age in are about ten times as numerous as in