Advice for the New Mayor

Stern, William

Cove, Peter

Kotkin, Joel

Savas, E. S.

Biederman, Daniel

McCaughey, Elizabeth

Heinemann, H. Erich

Brooke-Hitching, Harley

Moss, Mitchell

Nathan, Richard

Zuckerman, Mortimer

Cornuelle, Richard

Mahoney, Margaret

Berger, Stephen

Wriston, Walter B.

Morris, Charles

Crouch, Stanley


Richard Nathan Director, Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government


We tend to stereotype New York's poorer neighborhoods as war zones of crime and crack. But the truth is much more complicated. New York has many new "Zones of Emergence"-middle- and working-class communities inhabited by blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants. From Flushing, Queens, to Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and even Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick, many New York City neighborhoods are not the stereotypical inner-city danger zones.

These neighborhoods are fragile, but they are holding out. Shine a spotlight on these areas and see how we can help them.

  • This document was created from the article, "Advice for the New Mayor" by Walter B. Wriston, Stanley Crouch, Stephen Berger, Charles Morris, Margaret Mahoney, Richard Cornuelle, Mortimer Zuckerman, Richard Nathan, Mitchell Moss, Harley Brooke-Hitching, H. Erich Heinemann, Elizabeth McCaughey, Daniel Biederman, E. S. Savas, Joel Kotkin, Peter Cove, and William Stern for the Winter 1994 edition of ... read more
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