Light on the hill: A history of Tufts College, 1852-1952

Miller, Russell


THIS HISTORY OF TUFTS speaks for itself and does so eloquently. The author has brought objectivity to his task without neglecting the human side of the story; he has combined a most readable style with the exacting standards of historical scholarship. While the first appeal of this volume will be to Tufts alumni and other members of the vast Tufts family, it is also a model for those who might essay the same task on behalf of other colleges and universities and for all who would achieve for themselves the combined goals of lucid expression and scholarship of a high order.
It is a source of great pride to me that it was during my tenure as president of Tufts University that an historical work so well done and so significant was written. I know that among the author's rewards will be the appreciation of Tufts men and women everywhere who read the results of his happy labor.
When the record of the second century of Tufts history is written, may it be done as well and may those who will have created it be as deserving of commendation as are the leaders of the first hundred years.
Nils Y. Wessell
  • Light on the Hill, the history of Tufts College, was published to coincide with the centennial of the institution in 1952. A second volume was published in 1986. This edition was created from the 1966 edition of Light on the Hill, Volume I.
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