The music lover in seventeenth and eighteenth century England

Harris, Elllen T.


Appendix 1: Ritter Collection: Selected Texts (chronological)
1597/1608 Thomas Morley, A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practical Musicke, 2nd ed. (R:1226)
1654/1730 John Playford, An Introduction to the Skill of Music, 19th ed. (R:774)
1694/1701 William Holder, A Treatise of the Natural Grounds and Principles of Harmony (R:1061)
1711 Arthur Bedford, The Great Abuse of Musick (R:845)
1721/1730 Alex Malcolm, A Treatise on Musick, Speculative, Practical, & Historical (R:853)
1737 John Frederick Lampe, Plain and Compendious Method of Teaching Thoroughbass (R:1225)
1752 Charles Avison, An Essay on Musical Expression (R:792)
1766 John Trydell, Two Essays on Theory and Practice of Music (R:773)
1776 Sir John Hawkins, General History of the Science and Practice of Music, 5 vols (R:244-248)
1776-1789/1789 Charles Burney, A General History of Music, 4 vols. (R:232-235)
1793 Richard Eastcott, Sketches of the Origin, Progress and Effects of Music, with an acount of the Ancient Bards and Misntrels. Illustrated with various Historical Facts, Interesting Anecdotes and Poetical Quotations (R:1110)
1795 William Mason, Essays, Historical and Critical on English Church Music (R:790)
1796 Augustus Frederic Christpher Kollmann, An Essay on Musical Harmony, (R:620)
1800 William Shield, An Introduction to Harmony (R:1516)
1870 Frédéric Louis Ritter, History of Music in the Form of Lectures (R:45-46)
  • Delivered as part of the Ritter Colloquium Series sponsored by the Department of Music at Tufts University, October 1, 2003.
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