Advice for the New Mayor

Stern, William

Cove, Peter

Kotkin, Joel

Savas, E. S.

Biederman, Daniel

McCaughey, Elizabeth

Heinemann, H. Erich

Brooke-Hitching, Harley

Moss, Mitchell

Nathan, Richard

Zuckerman, Mortimer

Cornuelle, Richard

Mahoney, Margaret

Berger, Stephen

Wriston, Walter B.

Morris, Charles

Crouch, Stanley


Richard Cornuelle Author, Reclaiming the American Dream: The Role of Private Individuals and Voluntary Associations


The greatest city in the world is sinking under the weight of a government that we can no longer afford and that is not working well. The most promising path to reform is the most direct: privatizing whatever city tasks can be handled better by commercial or not-for-profit organizations.

You should search systematically for tasks the city can shed without guilt, having demonstrated that they can be done better and more cheaply by others. There are promising possibilities in housing, hospitals, transit, and welfare, among scores of others.

  • This document was created from the article, "Advice for the New Mayor" by Walter B. Wriston, Stanley Crouch, Stephen Berger, Charles Morris, Margaret Mahoney, Richard Cornuelle, Mortimer Zuckerman, Richard Nathan, Mitchell Moss, Harley Brooke-Hitching, H. Erich Heinemann, Elizabeth McCaughey, Daniel Biederman, E. S. Savas, Joel Kotkin, Peter Cove, and William Stern for the Winter 1994 edition of t... read more
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