In and Out of London Or, the Half-holidays of a Town Clerk

Loftie, W. J.


SEVERAL of these essays have, in substance at least, been printed before. I have to thank the Editor of the Guardian for kindly allowing me to use those contributed to his journal. The second essay and that on St. Helen's appeared in the late People's Magazine, and the St. Olave's in Long Ago, -another magazine which must be numbered with things of the past: I have to thank Mr. John Piggott, F.S.A., for leave to use it. And I have also to thank the proprietors of Cassell's Magazine for leave to use an article on
, which, in part at least, is incorporated with "London a Century Ago." The bulk of this essay, however, formed a lecture delivered five years ago for the benefit of a South London church building fund, and has not been printed before. The articles on London Geography, Northumberland House, and Berkhamsted are new, and that on "Dr.
and the Savoy," although a considerable part of it was used in a recent sermon at the Chapel Royal, is also now in print for the first time.