Acquires the English Collection of Late Professor Edwin C. Bolles

Boston Evening Transcript


Rare Gift Made to Tufts Library

Rare Gift Made to Tufts Library


Trustees of have purchased the English collection of the late Professor , which has been declared by experts to be one of the best in the country. The collection will be placed in the college library as a personal gift from the trustees in memory of the late It includes many rare books, maps and prints, these of the city of London numbering more than The gift is one of the most elaborate that the has received in recent years. Amongst the books in the Collection are volumes on England, more than half of which are on historic London. Dr. Bolles made the library while living in London near the over thirty years age, while preparing a series of lectures which he later gave at the in this city in The pamphlets alone number on England and on Old London.

Dr. Bolles spent many years on extra-illustration of his books. The most elaborate of these is his "Old and New London" in six volumes. Instead of cutting the volumes, a process which would have increased their number, the collector devised an original plan of underlining the passage to be illustrated, made marginal notes numbering the illustration, and filed the prints volume by volume accordingly to chapter and rages, in smaller cabinet and filing cases. These include some fine prints in and the Tower, and the Fleet, and other subjects which form a rich treasure to the student of English history. There are two sets of the extra-illustrated works. Much of this fine work was done during the last decade after Dr. Bolles had lost the use of his sight. During this time he persevered and, with the aid of his assistants, completed the work before his death a year ago.

Among the other treasures of the works is the edition of "James by C. J. Fox, extra-illustrated by the Reverend Dr. Chapin of New York. It contains rare engravings of Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, and the Earl of Southampton with his autograph beautifully inlaid. Other features are engravings and autographs of William III, Trumbull, Gedelphin, Montague, and Titus Oates. There are also two miniatures on ivory of James II and the Queen of James I from the Cotton collection. In this work, too, are found autographs, one of Samuel Pepys, one of Richard Baxter, one of Queensbury, and two of one of which is an vellum.

The two-volume "History of His Own Time" by Burnett has been expanded with extra-illustrations to six volumes. "Memoirs of Brass Crosby, Lord Mayor of London 1770-1771" is also rich in extra-illustrations, documents, and autographs of Lord Mayors on vellum.

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