The Scenery of London

Mitton, G. E.


No attempt has been made by either artist or author to give in this book a stereotyped and exhaustive survey of London, that has been done better elsewhere; it is rather the book of two people who love London in all her varying moods, with her wonder, her unexpectedness, her dear familiarity. The questions, "Have I represented this or that or the other?" or "Will not the public miss so and so which always appears in every book of London?" have never once been asked.
Artist and author alike have painted and written out of love, and out of their knowledge of the most wonderful city the world has ever known. It is rather as though they said, "Have you ever seen London like that? Do you know just that peculiar atmosphere that comes in the grey morning or wintry evening? Have you realised that the streets are glorious with the records of the great dead ? Can you see them, princes, statesmen, bishops, nobles, men of letters, men of science, walking about by-gone London, the same city at heart but so different in aspect from what it is now?"
This is all I have to say,-for statistics, for minute catalogues of names, for many other highly useful things, look elsewhere; this book is painted and written by two who love London for those who would be, or are, her lovers also.
The Artist and Publishers desire me to take this opportunity of thanking those owners whose names are printed in the List of Illustrations, for kindly lending the original pictures to be reproduced in the volume.