History of England, Part II From the Accession of Henry VIII to the Revolution of 1689

Tout, T. F. --Powell, F. York


THIS volume is intended to fill the gap between Professor York Powell's First Part of a School History of England and the Third Part (dealing with modern times), by Professor Tout, both of which have already appeared. Unforeseen circumstances have prevented the original plan for the completion of this Second Part from being carried out. The present writer, who only undertook it in the spring of
, is not responsible for the delay in its appearance. The author has aimed at writing on the lines originally laid down by his colleague Professor York Powell, to whom he again desires to express gratitude for his valuable advice and assistance. He also wishes to thank his friends, Mr. C. H. Firth and Mr. James Tait, who have kindly read over his proofs for him, and made many useful corrections and suggestions.

The Houses of Tudor and Stewart

The House of Hapsburg in Spain and the Empire

The Valois and Early Bourbon Kings of France

The House of Orange, The House of Guise

The Howard, Boleyn, and Devereux Families

The Pole and Courtenay Families

The Cromwell Family

The Dudley and Sidney Families

The Cecil and Bacon Families