Role of platelet chemokines, PF-4 and CTAP-III, in cancer biology.

Pilatova, Katerina.

Greplova, Kristina.

Demlova, Regina.

Bencsikova, Beatrix.

Klement, Giannoula Lakka.

Zdrazilova-Dubska, Lenka.


  • Abstract: With the recent addition of anti-angiogenic agents to cancer treatment, the angiogenesis regulators in platelets are gaining importance. Platelet factor 4 (PF-4/CXCL4) and Connective tissue activating peptide III (CTAP-III) are two platelet-associated chemokines that modulate tumor angiogenesis, inflammation within the tumor ... read more
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  • Pilatova, Katerina, Kristina Greplova, Regina Demlova, Beatrix Bencsikova, Giannoula Lakka Klement, and Lenka Zdrazilova-Dubska. "Role of platelet chemokines, PF-4 and CTAP-III, in cancer biology." Journal of Hematology & Oncology 6, no. 1 (12, 2013): 1-8.
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