Topological modes in one-dimensional solids and photonic crystals.

Atherton, Timothy J.

Butler, Celia A. M.

Taylor, Melita C.

Hooper, Ian R.

Hibbins, Alastair P.

Sambles, Roy.

Mathur, Harsh.


  • It is shown theoretically that a one-dimensional crystal with time-reversal and particle-hole symmetries is characterized by a topological invariant that predicts the existence or otherwise of edge states. This is confirmed experimentally through the construction and simulation of a photonic crystal analog in the microwave regime. It is shown that the edge mode couples to modes external to the ... read more
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  • T. J. Atherton, C. A. M. Butler, M. C. Taylor, I. R. Hooper, A. P. Hibbins, J. R. Sambles and H. Mathur, Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 93 (12) (2016).
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