Book Review

MacDonald, Douglas J.

Rosen, George

Cohen, Robin

Goulbourne, Harry

Ehteshami, Anoushirvan

Varasteh, Manshour

Francks, Penelope

Piel, Gerard

Jennings, Sir Robert Y.

Watts, Sir Arthur

Brown, Cheryl J.

Schraub, Timber M.

Palmer, David Scott

Sapolsky, Harvey

Crane, Rhonda

Neuman, W. Russell

Noam, Eli M.


  • Volume 17, Issue 1. Winter. Adventures in Chaos: American Intervention for Reform in the Third World. Contrasting Styles of Industrial Reform: China and India in the 1980s. Democracy and Socialism in Africa. Iran and the International Community. Japanese Economic Development: Theory and Practice. Only One World: Our Own to Make and Keep. Oppenheim's International Law, Ninth Edition, ... read more
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