Trophoblast differentiation, invasion and hormone secretion in a three-dimensional in vitro implantation model with rhesus monkey embryos.

Chang, T. Arthur.

Bondarenko, Gennadiy I.

Gerami-Naini, Behzad.

Drenzek, Jessica G.

Durning, Maureen.

Garthwaite, Mark A.

Schmidt, Jenna Kropp.

Golos, Thaddeus G.


  • Background: The initiation of primate embryo invasion into the endometrium and the formation of the placenta from trophoblasts, fetal mesenchyme, and vascular components are essential for the establishment of a successful pregnancy. The mechanisms which direct morphogenesis of the chorionic villi, and the interactions between trophectoderm-derived trophoblasts and the fetal mesenchyme to direct ... read more
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