Dynamic testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge.

Conte, Joel P.

He, Xianfei.

Moaveni, Babak.

Masri, S.F.

Caffrey, John.

Wahbeh, Mazen.

Tasbihgoo, Farzad.

Whang, Daniel H.

Elgamal, Ahmed-Waeil Metwalli.


  • This paper describes a set of dynamic field tests performed on the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge (AZMB), also known as the New Carquinez Bridge, which is located 32km northeast of San Francisco on interstate Highway I-80. The AZMB, opened to traffic in November 2003, is the first suspension bridge in the United States with an orthotropic steel deck, reinforced concrete towers, and large-diameter ... read more
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  • Conte, J., He, X., Moaveni, B., Masri, S., Caffrey, J., Wahbeh, M., Tasbihgoo, F., Whang, D., and Elgamal, A. (2008). "Dynamic Testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge." J. Struct. Eng., 10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9445(2008)134:6(1006), 1006-1015.
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