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Shawcross, William

Lang, James

Brown, J.F.

Elagab, Omer Yousif

Bill, James

Stevenson, Robert L.

Wu, Yuan-li

Michael, Franz

Cooper, John F.

Lee, Ta-ling

Chang, Maris Hsia

Gregor, A. James

Brands, Jr., H.W.

Lake, David A.

Farouk-Sluglett, Marion

Sluglett, Peter

Rostow, William W.

Cimbala, Steven J.

Curtis, Gerard L.

Rodman, Kenneth A.

Bertsch, Gary K.

Billings-Yun, Melanie

Lauren, Paul Gordon

Evangelista, Matthew

Bagley, Bruce M.


  • Volume 13, Issue 1. Winter. The Shah's Last Ride: The Fate of an Ally. Inside Development in Latin America: A Report from the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Brazil. Eastern Europe and Communist Rule. The Legality of Non-forcible Counter-measures in International Law. The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations. Communication, Development and the Third World: ... read more
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