Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1984

Kenny, Maura

Sauer, Anne

Crowley, Zachary E.


Women's Sailing



   Placed No. in Field 
 Charleston Intersectional 1st 9 
 Navy Intersectional 1st 8 
 Tufts Intersectional 1st 10 
 Emily Wick Trophy 1st 9 
 Sloop Shrew Trophy 4th 10 
 Powder Pull Trophy 2nd 11 
 President's Trophy 4th 8 
 NE Women's Champions 1st 11 
 NA Women's Champions     

  • The Athletics Rosters of Tufts University is the result of a project to collect and record the participants in organized athletics at Tufts University. The names contained in these rosters were compiled from the records of the Department of Physical Education/Athletics and particularly the Athletic Association Meeting Minutes and team files, as well as publications such as student newspapers, the ... read more
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