Athletic Rosters of Tufts University for the year 1987

Kenny, Maura

Sauer, Anne

Crowley, Zachary E.


Co-Ed Sailing



 Varsity Team Record 51 0 2 
 J. V. Team Record 11 2 0 
 Junior Varsity       
 Event   Placed No. in Field 
 Yale Invitational   cancelled   
 Boston University Invite   5th 11 
 Harvard Invitational   2nd 10 
 N. E. Freshman Champs   2nd 11 
 Event   Placed No. in Field 
 Shields Invitational   5th 6 
 Shields Invitational   3rd 3 
 Trux Umstead Trophy   7th 22 
 KP Laser Invitational   2nd 14 
 Boston Dinghy Club Cup   4th 16 
 Nothern Series 1   3rd 15 
 Friis Trophy   1st 16 
 Northern Series 2   3rd 8 
 M. I. T. Invitational   4th 6 
 Team Racing Invitational   2nd 4 
 Admiral's Cup   3rd 16 
 Geiger Trophy   2nd 5 
 Northern Series 3   5th 14 
 Southern Series 3   2nd 10 
 Moody Trophy   1st 9 
 Oberg Trophy   1st 9 
 Mix and Match Invitational   cancelled   
 CGA Spring Intersectional   1st 21 
 Staake Trophy   1st 9 
 Nothern Series 4   1st 15 
 Lane Trophy   2nd 4 
 Hatch Brown Trophy   1st 11 
 Admiral Alymers Trophy   2nd 5 
 N. E. Team Racing Elims   1st 12 
 M. I. T. Invitational   1st 11 
 Northern Series 5   1st 13 
 Mix and Match Invitational   1st 8 
 N. E. Dinghy Championships   7th 15M 
 Team Racing Invitational   4th 6M 
 Team Racing Invitational   1st 5 
 M. I. T. Invitational   cancelled   
 N. E. Team Racing Champs   -- 4   
 N. A. Team Racing Champs   -- 12   



Varsity Awards-11
  • The Athletics Rosters of Tufts University is the result of a project to collect and record the participants in organized athletics at Tufts University. The names contained in these rosters were compiled from the records of the Department of Physical Education/Athletics and particularly the Athletic Association Meeting Minutes and team files, as well as publications such as student newspapers, the ... read more
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