Tufts and Local History

The DCA has digitized thousands of photographs from the history of the University, resulting in documentation of both the University and the surrounding areas. Additionally, other collections of photographs and documents supplement our holdings, resulting in a collection of materials invaluable to a researcher of the history of Tufts University or of the cities of Boston and Medford. Here are some entry points into our collections.

The vast majority of our collections are not available online. If you want to research those collections, please go to Research Help.



DCA collects all Tufts periodicals. Many of them have been digitized, and some of the digital periodicals are sampled here.

  • The Tufts Daily is available online from 1980 to 2009.
  • Outbreath, a literary magazine, has digitized copies from 2008 on.
  • Over 45 years worth of the medical school's yearbook, Caduceus, have been made available online.

Other documents

Further help

For more information, or for access to non-digitized materials, contact DCA.