Song for Sīdī Ben 'Īsā (café performance).

Mihoub, Belhassen.

Soudani, Noureddine.

el-Hamem, Lotfi.


  • "You Are the Perfect Master" (Māk Shaykh al-Kāmil), performed at Café el-'Alī in Tunis. Gumbrī and lead vocals: Belhassen Mihoub. Shqāshiq and vocals: Noureddine Soudani, Lotfi el-Hamemi.

    Keywords: Sṭambēlī; ritual music; black Tunisians; Tunisia.

    Accompanies chapter 4 of: Jankowsky, Richard C. Ambient Sufism: Ritual Niches and the Social Work of Musical Form. Chicago: University ... read more
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  • "Song for Sīdī Ben 'Īsā (café performance)." Performed by Belhassen Mihoub, Noureddine Soudani, Lotfi el-Hamemi. Video recording by Richard Jankowsky, Tunis, Tunisia, 2014.
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