Rebaybiyya song "Father Jallūl" (Bābā Jallūl).

Zarga, Abdelmajid.

  • Rebyaybiyya song "Father Jallūl" (Bābā Jallūl), performed by Abdelmajid Zarga and troupe at a house party.

    Keywords: Rebaybiyya; ritual music; Jewish music; Tunisia.

    Accompanies chapter 5 of: Jankowsky, Richard C. Ambient Sufism: Ritual Niches and the Social Work of Musical Form. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2020.
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  • "Rebaybiyya song 'Father Jallūl' (Bābā Jallūl)." Performed by Abdelmajid Zarga. Video recording by Richard Jankowsky, Tunis, Tunisia, n.d.
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