Cataloging for a Billion Word Library of Greek and Latin.

Babeu, Alison L.

Crane, Gregory.

Almas, Bridget.

Cerrato, Lisa.

Krohn, Anna.

Baumgart, Frederik.

Berti, Monica.

Franzini, Greta.

Stoyanova, Simona.


  • Abstract: This paper reports work on a catalog that includes not only standard metadata but also a complete reference transcription for each work so that users can explicitly cite not only every version but also every word in every version of a work. The Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records conceptual model (FRBR) allows us to move beyond printed books ... read more
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  • Crane, Gregory, Bridget Almas, Alison Babeu, Lisa Cerrato, Anna Krohn, Frederik Baumgart, Monica Berti, Greta Franzini, and Simona Stoyanova. 2014. "Cataloging for a Billion Word Library of Greek and Latin." In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage, 83"88. DATeCH "14. New York, NY, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/2595188.2595190.
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