Confidence Moderates the Role of Control Beliefs in the Context of Age-Related Changes in Misinformation Susceptibility.

Auslander, Margeaux V.

Thomas, Ayanna K.

Gutchess, Angela H.


  • Background/Study Context: The present experiment investigated the role of confidence and control beliefs in susceptibility to the misinformation effect in young and older adults. Control beliefs are perceptions about one's abilities or competence and the extent to which one can influence performance outcomes. It was predicted that level of control beliefs would influence misinformation susceptibility ... read more
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  • Auslander, M.V., Thomas, A.K., & Gutchess, A.H. (2017). Confidence moderates the control-belief memory performance relationship in the misinformation effect, Experimental Aging Research, 43(3), 305-322.
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